Twenty – Episode 2

twenty penastory

[Excerpt From Episode 1: “I am afraid I would need you to come in to identify a body. We think it might be someone you know.” She laughed derisively and hung up without another word. Two deaths in one!

“What is Edmund Crescent turning into?” she yelled into the silent night….To Read Episode 1: Click HERE]

The alarm went off at exactly 7:00a.m. and her first thought was to shut out the offending noise. She stretched out her arm towards the shrilling alarm and silenced it. Immediately the noise stopped, her mind also came awake. She jerked up guiltily like someone stung by an insect and her eyes went to the mirror standing between her pink coloured wardrobe. Her eyes were swollen but not from heavy sleep but the lack of sleep. One look at her face could tell anyone she hadn’t slept well.

How can I have a peaceful night considering yesterday’s activities? She thought to herself wryly.  That thought flooded her mind with the events of the previous day and she knew she wasn’t going to be getting the murder out of her mind anytime soon. She climbed out of bed with trepidation and took a look around the room. For a brief second, her eyes rested on a portrait of herself hanging by the door. The dark eyes framed by long brows seemed to stare back at her guiltily and she shifted her gaze away to the picture of her mom and late dad but she only found more condemnation in their eyes as well. She stared at the sign on the door “Strong Lasgidi Babe”, and smiled wryly. Even she wasn’t aware she was that strong until yesterday.

The bloodstains need to be cleaned before mom gets back, she thought to herself. She had been too tired after that hurried burial to do anything else but take that bath. It would have been easier only if Mathew had shown up she thought but as quickly as that thought came, she dismissed it. She took another look at her swollen face in the mirror before slipping on a robe and heading out to begin the cleaning. As she began the scrubbing, starting from the living room floor, her mind flashed to the activities of yesterday.

David was her mother’s boyfriend and although he was always polite and pleasant to her, she wasn’t particularity fond of him. Maybe it had to with the thought that he was about to replace her father in her mother’s life.  He had come calling and she had informed him her mother wasn’t home. She was watching a TV program and she went right back to it, plopping into the couch and munching on her chocolate cookies like he wasn’t present. He tried starting a conversation but her monosyllabic replies were enough to discourage any conversation.

“You are really beautiful you know?” he said and as he had intended, that caught her attention and she looked at him.

The smile on his face sickened her and she muttered an off handed thank you. He shifted closer to her on the couch and tried to take her in his arms but she jumped up immediately and that was when the beast in him unleashed itself. She fought like a wounded tigress and he chased her right to the dining area just by the end of the living room. As he pinned her down, she yanked frantically at the table cloth, trying to find something to pull herself up. The table cloth came spilling its content on the floor, jug, plates, a jar of peanut butter, a beverage tin and then the knife. She didn’t think twice when her hand closed around the handle of the knife. She grabbed it and plunged it into his back. She kept plunging till he was limp and then she pushed him off her. She stared in horror at the blood and oozing out of the wounds and it hit her she had just killed someone.

“How could he even think of doing that to me?” She asked herself under her breath. She was feeling tired again from the scrubbing. Her body still ached from his assault and her head was beginning to throb, the warning signs of a coming headache. I need to clear my mind and perhaps writing down the events would help, she thought and brought out her diary.

Friday October 26th 

I’m way pass greeting you dear diary. I’m so scared…. I’ve killed someone and I buried him myself.  Funny thing is that I feel no remorse at all. Was it my fault?? It was only self-defense…. If I hadn’t killed him he’d have hurt me badly.  He’d have hurt my mother and robbed me of my treasure. Matthew is nowhere to be found. I am still expecting his call…

Just then her mobile phone rang and she ran to the living room, praying it was Matthew calling.

“Hello,” she barked into the phone

“I know what you did, I saw it all…” the voice was gruff and that of a man.

Her blood ran cold and suddenly the room seemed to be spinning. “Who is this…What..what…what are you talking about?” She stammered even as she leaned against the table, trying not to drop the phone in her hand.

“I saw you, the corpse you buried last night. Check, where you hid it, dead men don’t walk.” The line went dead and she dropped the phone with a bang as she ran out to the backyard. The shallow grave looked freshly dug out and a peek inside confirmed her fears, the body was gone. She stumbled back in fear just as the doorbell peeled.

Twenty is co-written by Akinwale Poshkid Akinyoade

Read Episode 3: CLICK HERE

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