Hell Is A Place Called Home – Episode 2


[Excerpt From Episode 1: 

“Oh for Heaven’s sake, you devil’s child, will you shut that your hell mouth. I did not kill my mother so you cannot kill me you hear? You would rather leave this house like your useless father.” With that, she stormed out of the room to go curl up on the sofa as she tried to sleep with hopes that the headache would be gone when she woke up again..To read episode 1, CLICK HERE

“My mother is feeling very ill Audu, I promise we will pay back. Just give me the panadol, she is really in pain.”

“Walai me no give credit again,” Audu replied angrily “if you no commot for here, walai me cut your leg.” Aisha turned to leave with a dejected expression on her face. Her mother was still not feeling better, her headache was now so severe she had started moaning in pain and her temperature also risen. The young girl felt at a loss as to what to do as the aboki that was her only hope of getting relief for her mother refused to sell on credit. Who could blame the poor man? They still owed him and he was beginning to feel like a fool. Giving them more credit when the previous debt was not yet settled was not his idea of good business. She went back into their compound and went inside to her ill mother with tears in her eyes.

“Mama, Audu has refused to give me anything on credit again. I don’t know what to do.” Bukola turned her head painfully to peek at her daughter through half closed lids. She beckoned to her weakly asking in a manner that indicated she wanted her to come closer. Aisha went to her mother’s side and looked at her with pity in her young eyes; the alcohol was beginning to take its toll on her once beautiful mother. She looked older than her age but one could still tell she had once been a pretty woman. There were sorrow lines on her face that told the story of one who has known pain and lived a hard life. Seeing her vibrant mother in this state tore at Aisha’s heart and she squeezed her mother’s hand gently. She took the towel lying on the floor and dipped it into the bowl of water by the bed.

As she cooled Bukola’s head with the soaked towel, the moans abated and Bukola finally drifted off into sleep. When she was sure that her mother was asleep, Aisha’s twelve years old feet tiptoed out of the room. She needed to see her best friend Tricia, maybe, just maybe, Tricia could offer some help.Tricia was the only person that knew everything Aisha endured and although the two girls were as different as chalk and cheese, they had a friendship so strong that they were practically inseparable. On several occasions, Tricia would share her meals and pocket money with Aisha and although splitting the money meant both of them didn’t have enough, Tricia was always quick to point out that she could always go home to her parents while Aisha had nobody to turn to after all Bukola who was supposed to take care of her was too busy drinking at the beer parlours to get a stable job and whenever she did get something, she wasted it on alcohol.

Aisha arrived at Tricia’s compound and met her fetching water from the borehole in the compound. She quickly went inside and greeted Tricia’s parents, requesting for an extra bucket to help with the chore. Aisha was no stranger in the house and Tricia’s mother after asking after Aisha’s mother helped her get the requested bucket. The two girls exchanged pleasantries before continuing with the chore. As they went to and fro with the buckets balanced firmly on their heads, Aisha began to tell Tricia the situation at home to her.

“Are you sick as well; you say she is moaning terribly and has a fever yet you think panadol is all she needs. Even if you can’t afford going to a hospital, you can at least go to Nurse Titi who can give a bit of professional help.” Tricia said in annoyance. Aisha looked at Tricia as if she had suddenly developed horns on her head and replied

“Is it stone or paper that we will use to pay Nurse Titi for her services ni? You know how that woman can be rude and we really do not have any money at home…”

“Nurse Titi is a nice woman Aisha, you just don’t know how to get along with her,” Tricia cut in “here is what we will do. Once we fetch this last bucket, I will go tell my father that you came to remind me of the text book we were told to pay for. Once he gives me the money, we would go to Nurse Titi and explain the situation to her so she can attend to your mother.”

For the first time that day Aisha let herself smile as she choked back the tears that threatened to spill and said a weak thank you to her friend. Aisha silently prayed that she was able to repay all of Tricia’s kindness some day.

Read Episode 3; CLICK HERE


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  2. Andrew says:

    This is quite interesting, I look forward to future episodes


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