That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed (18+) – OLUWALOLOPE OSIDIPE


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17 Responses to That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed (18+) – OLUWALOLOPE OSIDIPE

  1. anonymous says:



  2. Samuel G Smith says:

    seriously?… it was all a dream.. I love the suspense. nice job guys… keep the pen flowing..


  3. oluwafeyikemi says:



  4. sapiosexual says:

    Nice story buh I don’t do fiction. I’ll pass.


  5. farounfisola says:

    Lol. Nice one


  6. Larry says:

    Wow, that was intense. Nice 1. Love it


  7. Famakin Opeyemi says:



  8. Black says:

    Good story idea, nice twist at the end, didn’t expect it tho, so much typo’s, be a bit more detailed, don’t try to summarise and assume the reader should conclude the rest. In all, it was a decent first attempt.. Keep it up


  9. Kanku C says:

    Wow nice one,loved the suspence.keep it up.


  10. Stigma says:

    Very Nice!!


  11. Really impressed by your phrasing, grammar and verbiage. It was beautifully constructed and artfully worded. Your words painted an image so clear, it depicted the events so accurately. I can’t say I care much for the story but it’s execution was superb. Never stop writing.


  12. OriginalBadBoy says:

    no try dah rough play again!!! shey u dey hear


  13. Da_Diarist says:

    This is so nice, even though the dream thing is a cliche, you have carefully explored it and had given it an edge. The typos tho and your tenses, be consistent. But I did not actually hear you moan. Work more on your similes. Paint more pictures and stop telling us. In all, you are good.


  14. onyiluv says:

    very impressive…. I didn’t know u had it in u… u hv inspired me….kip it up Vicky


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