Advice Me: My Best Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend Wants To Date Me

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I really need you to advice me on this issue because it has been bothering me seriously. My name is Maryam, a girl of twenty-two years and my best friend’s ex boyfriend wants to date me. I have known my best friend for abut ten years now so I  can call her my childhood friend. We are quite close and she actually sought my approval before dating the guy whom she dated for about a year.

During their courtship, we usually go on double dates with my own ex boyfriend but I broke up with mine like six months into their own relationship, now their own relationship is over and the guy is making moves on me like a month after. I always sort of liked the guy but I don’t know how my friend will feel about this and I don’t want to do anything that would hurt out friendship. Please note, my friend is seeing someone else now as well.

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8 Responses to Advice Me: My Best Friend’s Ex-Boyfriend Wants To Date Me

  1. Wanda says:

    Babe…this happens everyday and everywhere….it has happened to me also…and to be honest it’s never real…never ever..i mean odds are 1 to 1000…be careful


  2. Wanda says:

    And I cn bet ur friend won’t like it.


  3. wheeler says:

    Something actually made your bestie and him break up, it now depends on d way dey did. If it was a fight dat did, u may end up loosing your best friend, and prolly at the end loosing him to tru breakin up. Den you loose both! Some guys philosophy goes like ds… After breaking up wiv a girl, he tries to hunt d best friend to make her get jealous. Den he’ll make u both look like idiots at the end. My dear, ure 22years of age. U should be thinking about getting dat main man by ds time. N if u really think dats what you want at this stage, u can’t hand the matter to God. Be wise!!!


  4. walter zion says:

    For me, that guy wants 2boast of dating 2frnds @a tym, I see no reason he is coming 2u knowing dat his ex was nd is still ur best frnd. He wants 2join head. My advice is, tell ur frnd, 2of u sud plan 4him, and teach him a big lesson, let’s say, make him wear boxers home, or singlet, u get wat am saying. He is wicked


  5. Rebirth says:



  6. Jimoh says:

    Since you already liked him, just grant the guys wish of scoring a double on friends.


  7. Damilola says:

    Well, the other comments have said how the guy plans to score two friends. It’s probably very true. However, it is possible that the guy may genuinely like you, but I am advising you to date him though. I think you should talk to the guy about it and your best friend. The discussion should be more psychological rather than emotional so you would guess the boys intentions and your best friend’s attitude towards it.


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