When Kids Play Adult Games

playing adult

“If you want to keep this baby, that’s okay. If you want to give your baby up for adoption when he is born, that’s an option too. If you are considering abortion, it is against what I believe and how I raised you but then it is your choice. I am here. I am your mother and I am asking you to think about all these options and tell me what you want” Iya Bimbo said in a gentle yet firm voice. Bimbo was only half listening as her mind kept flashing to the events of the past.

She could still hear the sound of the wall clock, the ticks and chimes. She could still see the moon through the window, full and sad, unreachable and dancing alone amidst dark clouds and twinkling stars. She could see herself, on his small twin bed looking at his blue boxers, Bayo’s manhood lurking just underneath, inches away while her body yearned for his flesh, his eyes focused on her breasts. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

“Why are you crying now? You don’t get to cry, you have to hold yourself together and think about the future you want for yourself before we tell your father or go to Bayo’s parents.” Iya Bimbo said with scorn in her voice.

“Mom, I will think about it. I will. Just give me till the morning” Bimbo replied.

“Okay. I am going to bed but I will be the first person you see in the morning. When I knock on your door, you had better have a decision. I cannot keep quiet about this for too long” Iya Bimbo declared.

“I understand Mummy. Thank you.” Bimbo replied with a smile.

Then again, she felt the things she felt when he was in her, his black skin against her brown body, soft kisses from her neck down to her toes, feather touches making her moan. The thrill of excitement as he fondled her breasts, a mix of pain and pleasure as he delved into her body and entered in one swift stroke. The ride a blend of slow and fast strokes, temperatures high with the sonorous blends of excited squeals. Then it was all over,  his seed was planted and even as she with a satiated smile on her face allowed him cuddle her to sleep unaware of the gravity of what had just taken place.

“I am keeping the baby, a product of our love” she sad out aloud and grabbed her phone. Bayo’s response was fast as it was like he was by his phone waiting for her text.

“You are being naïve, impractical and unrealistic. Keeping the baby is the worst thing you could do to us, to yourself. Believe it or not I want you to keep the baby but it is just so insane that we are going to be parents at eighteen.” Bayo replied back tersely.

“How do you mean, we are not the first of our kind?” Bimbo replied, the tears welling in her eyes in shock.

“You have more to lose. You will carry our baby for nine months and blame me for dropping out of school. You will be at home breast feeding while I continue school and you will look back at your life and say I am the reason you never got that education. You will miss childhood and being just a girl with no worries because you would have to be a woman too early and mummy to our son and say it is my fault. You will not remember you made a sacrifice for love, you will say that I destroyed you and your chances at the many things could have been.” Bayo explained back with another text.

“You are to blame. You said you will pull out but you did not. And you promised that the pills we got from the store the next morning would work. It did not. But I want to keep the baby because it’s a decision I would someday wish I made and if you make me abort it I will always blame you.”

“You will always blame me. It will always be my fault, either you keep the baby or you abort it. I will always be the bad guy and I have to be okay with being the bad guy because we had amazing sex and enjoyed it so much that I forgot to pull out. I am the bad guy and you are the pregnant girl, you get to play victim.” Bayo fired back.

“Oh. You talk of victim. I will be ridiculed among other girls and if we do not end up together no man wants a girl that already has a baby, I will become damaged goods. My father, when I tell him will declare me a disgrace to the entire family. Your father when you tell him might be mad for a few days and you guys will be okay. Or he might even praise you. As for me, I will always be a black sheep. They will always look at me like that, because I am the girl that had sex with her boyfriend and have to be the one walking around pregnant. I am not playing victim, I am in trouble” Her reply this time was filled with crying emojis.

“You will not have to deal with that if you listen and just abort the baby. I know it’s harder on you, on any girl in this situation. I have seen my cousin lose her self esteem and eventually gave in to the low expectations and now all she is just a girl with two kids from different fathers. I don’t want you to suffer, or our baby to suffer because we are not ready. Babe, please abort the baby and move on with your life”

“No. I am keeping it. You and I are raising our child prepare your mind towards that. If it gets hard and I need someone to blame for the failures of my life, I will blame you as much as I blame myself and then I will remember I enjoyed the sex and blame it on love” There was no response this time around and after about ten minutes of waiting she typed slowly “KEEPING THE BABY!!!”

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