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Punish Me Please (18+)

I always thought sex didn’t matter to me in a relationship that it was all about the person and not the physical attraction but being with Daniel for about three months with nothing but lukewarm sex soon showed me that … Continue reading

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Poetry Play #8

Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji and Noah Babajide N: If you see my tears fall Just move along nothing to see Just let me be S: How can I let you be When the waterfall of your eyes flood

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Darkness Looms – ADEade

Darkness looms And the land trembles Kick and pick a brick This is no moon night trick Darkness looms It resembles no muse Don’t watch, weep and wail For this is no fairy tale

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Poetry Play #7

Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji and Walter Zion   S: Come, let me wrap you in words Let me mould you from the dust of dreams W: And your fears will all tremble at the sound of my hugs S:                 Come, … Continue reading

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When a blind leads the blind Irony plays out at the expense of freedom “Aditi Oloko” I sing the praises of the ones who fell behind And as the blind took over from the one-eyed Inanities befuddle my herd- the … Continue reading

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Advice Me: I Am Sleeping With My Brother’s Wife And She Doesn’t Want It To Stop

I am a man of 26 years old and I started living with my brother about four years back when I first came to Lagos. He was unmarried as of when I first came from Abuja but he got married … Continue reading

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The Picaninny – TINA AUGUST

They looked down on me and mistreated me, turned me into a slave in my own home,mocked my ebony beauty and looked at me as dumb.They resented my guts and jailed me for questioning their authorities all because I am a … Continue reading

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My Life As A Fifty Naira Note

I lie there in the dark corner of the room, under the bed that creaked loudly every time any human weight rested upon it. The darkness shrouded my dirty, torn, worn and old battered body and it was with indifference … Continue reading

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Better Left A Memory

I shut it out.  “I am not going to think of you,” I said to myself as I drove past Wendy’s on East Broad Street today. There was traffic and I was stuck there. Memories of you came in a … Continue reading

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Apply for David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship For Undergraduate Students 2016

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships 2016 Course(s) Offered: All fields Course Level: Undergraduate Country to Study in: Nigeria Scholarship Description The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program is the major platform for promoting the vision and goals of the David Oyedepo Foundation, … Continue reading

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