It was the eve of Christmas, sitting in the reception of the hospital,waiting for a result I knew would break my heart.The halls were decorated with red and green wads of clothes and little shiny lights.I knew the doctor would not come see me, so i should go see the doctor,I thought.Walking through the corridors of the hospital rooms, I heard his voice from the room saying,
“You cannot reap where you didn’t sow, you did not sow me reaper.You cannot take my soul” He said again. While i peeped to check, I saw him lying on the white bed covered in whites sheets. Swapped in white cords whose colour showed the white ignorance he had about them. The beep beep sound of the machine counted the time he had to fend off the reaper. Had he enough will power?  He would pour it all on the reaper.

He still had so much to live for, a wealthy establishment to head onto greater things and a family to care for at least. The reaper cannot take him yet he thought again,no not yet. But who is his reaper? Who wanted to kill him? Even I did not know the answer to that. He had the mind that thought no one was capable of doing him evil. He was a good man who had that notion that if you are good to all,all will be good to you as well. That notion was shattered as he was told by the doctor that he was poisoned and even though he had been in the hospital for a couple of weeks he was still going to die.The poison had badly damaged his liver and he was already in the terminal stage.

The door opened and the doctor walked in, to his utmost surprise,his wife. He remembered they had had a quarrel the night before he was poisoned. He looked at her with that sneer in his face,that jest.It was the first time she was coming to see him since he had been admitted.It seemed the doctor had basically accompanied her to show her his room,he just asked a couple of questions and left. She didn’t even ask him how he felt.It seemed she had not forgotten the cause of their quarrel and she intended to bring it up again. Even as a living dead he still didn’t evoke pity from his family.

“I have sent my niece back to my sister, that girl has suffered enough in your hands.” She said and looked at him expecting a reply but he just looked away. He could not look her in the face. “You know it is me that poisoned you. You should die for your sins!” She continued and moved closer to him.

“Violet is just seven years old. What did you want with a seven year old girl? To molest her? Abuse her fragile innocence with your restless thing abi? I wonder why God gave it to you,its not like you have sown any seed in me and it has brought forth any issue”

This time he looked at her, the anger in him propelling him to look at the demon he called a wife. She could see the anger in his face but she knew he could not do anything about. He could not hurt her in a place like this, he wouldn’t dare.

“Why are you looking at me like that, am I lying.You and your shriveled thing with low sperm count.” His anger dissipated and turned to a sarcastic smile as he responded

“Do you know that I have another wife whom I’ve had two children with? I just sent for my Lawyer and I have drafted my will.” It was her turn to look at him with anger in her eyes but nothing could come out of her lips as he went on,

“I know I have my shortcomings. Sometimes I just can’t control myself but you also have yours too. I came to you to confess my sin to you and you poisoned me for it. But you are not also without iniquity. You think I don’t see how you maltreat the girl? You see, even after all I did to that girl, she would still smile at me, laugh with me. But you? She hates you!”

She moved closer to him still. He knew he was at a vulnerable position but he would still continue. He just had to let it all out.

“You see we planned it all, her mother and I did. She knew you were wicked to her daughter but feeding from your hands she also knew if she requested for her daughter you would withdraw your support. So we planned that I would tell you I was paedophilic, you would have no choice but to return the girl to her mother. Who would have guessed that I will be poisoned?” She closed the distance between them and hissed between clenched teeth

“You son of a bitch!” The door opened and in came the doctor. Surprised by the last words he had just heard and what he was seeing,her hands around his neck jolted him. He knew the entire story and they had planned that when she got violent, he would come in.

“Sir,we are carrying out the operation now,we are going to replace your liver. We have gotten a donor.” Waiting and eavesdropping outside the other door, I also thought that if the doctor had not come to his rescue, I would have.  Anyways, I already knew my sad news even before the doctor told me she was dead. I didn’t mind dying. Sometimes you lose a life to save another or isn’t that the essence of Christmas?

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  1. mariam says:

    Huh dis woman is mean


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