Who is A Good Woman? – AFOLABI OLUWATOBI


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The other day I was listening to the radio and the presenter put a question forward to her listeners. She asked the question: “who or what is a good woman”?  Of course people called in to give their opinions. And so people started calling in, mostly male.  And I was horrified by the answers most of them gave.
Some said a good woman is one who knows how to take care of the home, while some maintained that a good woman is one who knows how to cook well and one who is also good in bed. One even said a good woman is a COMPLETE woman. As per, she knows how to dress well, she knows how to cook, she knows how to socialize, and she knows how to take care of her home and her family. Of course being able to do that is great and all but is that it? I think the OAP was just as horrified as I was but of course, she couldn’t voice out her qualms about it.
So I realized that most person’s (especially men) idea of a good woman doesn’t have much to do with her moral standards or her character.  Okay so I know that’s not fair, because,of course it wasn’t the whole world that called to give their opinions, but anyway, I’m I right in assuming that according to those people, a woman could be rude to your family, sleep with your friends and co workers, be unhygienic but as long as she can cook, or she’s good in bed or can dress well, she’s a good woman. Well, in my own opinion,a good woman is morally upright, hardworking, and a woman who knows she’s not perfect, but is working hard at being a better person everyday,  she handles difficult situations with grace and efficiency, looks have nothing to do with it but it does help if she’s not too bad on the eyes. Anyway, looks will fade, a good body will grow old; but a good woman, will always be a good woman.
So I put it to you, what’s your idea of a good woman?
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One Response to Who is A Good Woman? – AFOLABI OLUWATOBI

  1. A good woman is who you want her to be , you see they say one mans meat is another mans poison . If you decide to take heed to those chauvinistic and obnoxious men out there you’d realize that their idea of a good woman is a house help and sex toy but then if you decide otherwise and listen to those who have their head screwed on right then you’d realize that a good woman has the right values instilled within her , She’s independent but submits to her husband , she knows what she wants and goes for it . So my dear you know who a good woman is and I know that too so my lovely your meat would surely be poisonous to someone else or don’t you think ?


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