Advice Me: Is It Wrong If I Get Married To My Late Sister’s Husband?

tell tale thursday penastory

I know my story sounds like something that many people have heard in times past before but really it is troubling me. I am a spinster of thirty-two years old and my love for Literature made me join your channel. I must say that you guys are doing a great job by the way.

I used to have a twin sister who passed away in the early months of 2015 after about three years of marriage. Before her death, I was a regular visitor at her house and have a cordial relationship with her husband. The death of my sister came as a result of child birth and I took over taking care of her baby boy that she left behind. My taking care of the boy also mean’t that I put my own life on pause and started living with my late sister’s husband in order to be able to take care of the boy.

You might ask why we didn’t take the boy away to nurture him but her husband insisted that the baby was all of my sister that he had left and could not bear to be parted with him. I settled into the place of my sister and soon found myself cooking his meal, washing his clothes and taking care of the house and life soon went back to normal.

In November however, he started making advances towards me saying that I a a good woman and he sees no reason why we can not get married. I have not looked at him romantically before this time but when he brought up the issue of marriage, I began to see him in this light.

I have not been married before and I want to know if it would be a bad thing if I got married to my late sister’s husband and our father is late so I wouldn’t want to do anything that would upset our aged mother.

Please what do you think I can do?

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16 Responses to Advice Me: Is It Wrong If I Get Married To My Late Sister’s Husband?

  1. Pet4Real says:

    Not at all my dear, provided your heart is clear that you don’t know anything about your sister’s death which some people will accuse you of…… Above all, follow your heart


  2. Whirlwind7 says:

    Tell tales? More like “tall tales”

    But seriously, this isn’t the sort of question you would want the public to help you with an answer (reason why I think it’s a tall tale)
    The man suggested marriage, and you began to look him in that light. Well, if you think he’s suitable, why not?

    There’s nothing ethically, morally, spiritually or physically wrong with getting married to your late sister’s hubby.
    The only obstacle to this is YOU. Do you wholeheartedly accept the idea of marrying him?

    Everyone and everything else, including family, friends and foes will fall into place once you honestly answer this question.
    You didn’t say if you are identical twin to your sister.
    If you guys are identical, and I happen to be your late sister’s hubby, walahi I will not let you escape me! Perfect replacement.


  3. Wisdom says:

    The society will crucify you. If you can live with that, marry the man and start eating from where your sister stopped.


  4. Ada says:

    Be ready to take criticism from some people in the society


  5. WHITE WITCH says:

    so you put your life on hold just to take care of the baby right? what happened to an house help, why dint you suggest to the husband to hire a well trained house help? “listen sister there are a lot of guys out there that are unmarried that can make you a wife, for the fact that you did not even rejected his offer in anger shows you too have been tripping for him no wonder you went to stay with him all in the name of taking care of a baby, knowing fully well that as a lonely man anything can happen, that shows you are an opportunist. what you should be doing is to advice him to get a new wife so he can forget about the pains of his past, “if you marry him then how will the child feel when he grows up and discoverd that you are his mother’s sister that married his dad after the death of his mother? how will people feel? what will they say? listen stop been a hoe and reject him and go face your life. “safe yourself the public ridicule and torment.


  6. Emma says:

    Marrying ur sister’s husband is nt advisable


  7. Nwawo Bright says:

    it s crazy, revenge, absurd…….how can u marry your brother in law cos there s no man again, u have to leave that family and look up @your future man ok


  8. IAMLEGEND says:

    even in grief….. that guy sharp well well,
    see as him use sense lock down him late wife’s twin sister !!!!
    na why I go marry alienstar be that.


  9. Junior says:

    pls dn’t marry him. The society will conspire to ruin your marriage. Nothing really wrong if you marry him though.


  10. Carolyn says:

    1) Do you have other family? How would they
    react to this? Would they be accepting (and
    happy for you), or skeeved out? How much
    does it matter to you what they think? Are
    there boundaries there that you are willing to
    2) You are close, and have helped each other
    through difficult times. You have shared pain.
    You have bonded. Don’t mistake this for
    romantic feelings.


  11. Nerd says:

    Hmmmmmm!! For this naija where we dey Them go talk say na u kill ur sis ooo!!


  12. Lizzy says:

    as for me ,I see nothing wrong with it .but naija no dey carry last to formulate theory say na u kill ur sis so that u go marry her husband.


  13. Caro says:

    Yes! it’s absurd and ridiculous.In essence
    ,sister of the deceased becomes a step mum
    to her nieces and nephews and her children
    would be both cousins and siblings to …infact
    it’s just a complicated ish..
    Apparently,it’s allowed in most cultures if not all but it isn’t what I would do or accept


  14. Maryam says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with u marrying ur late sis husband afterall it has been happening. forget whatever people are goin 2 say as long as u know ur mind is clear btw u and God. I am sure ur sis will b happy wherever she is knowing her son is in gud hands not an outsider. pls go ahead and marry him, probably its part of ur destiny.


  15. Uju says:

    To me, I will say you should marry him. Even ur sis will be happy wherever she is dan an outsider. I lost my sister on August, she was 32yrs. Ppl around us has been saying dat is better for him to marry from my family instead of him bringing an outsider to come and enjoy all they suffered together.


  16. miss muhammad says:

    How bou d little child, what if the father ends up marring a wicked woman dat will show no love to d child? Hmmm even because of the welfare of dis innocent child I will say yes u can marry him.


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