Twenty – Episode 5

twenty penastory

Excerpt From Episode 4:

Maryam and Chioma exchanged looks and Maryam was about to say something when David’s hands moved feebly on the bed. Mrs. Ugochukwu’s eagles eyes caught the movement and she was out of her seat in a flash.

“He is awake!” She was by his side quickly with Maryam also moving closer, only Chioma took a step back. “What is it dear, what are you saying? Chioma…Chioma is here too,” Mrs. Ugochukwu turned around and beckoned, “come here Chioma, David is asking of you.” Read Episode 4: CLICK HERE

Chioma stood rooted to the spot even as she willed her legs to move but it was like they were encased in concrete. Her mother looked at her with a questioning look in her eyes while Chioma stared back like a rabbit caught in the full glare of a car’s headlight.

“I don’t think we should be bothering the patient so soon yet ma, Chioma why don’t you go and check if the doctor is around or a nurse. Inform them David is awake.” Maryam had sensed her friend’s trepidation at having to come close to a man she thought she killed.

Chioma took the cue and gratefully fled the room as if the hounds of hell were after her with her mother’s voice trailing behind her about strange daughters and dying lovers. Mrs. Ugochukwu turned back to David who was trying to sit up in the bed unsuccessfully and it seemed while the stare game between mother and daughter had been going on, he had exhausted whatever little energy he had.

“Rest baby, rest. You don’t need to rush your healing process. I am just grateful that you are alive, Who did this to you?” Mrs. Ugochukwu fussed pressing him back on the bed gently just as a nurse and Chioma came walking in. 

David tried to open his mouth to talk but he could not make any sound come out due to his weak state. The effort of trying to raise himself had weakened him. The nurse took one look at him and brought out an injection from the bedside drawer before expertly administering another dosage of whatever it was that he had been on to make him drift off into sleep again.

“You really should not be stressing the patient madam,” the nurse sad to Mrs. Ugochukwu with a frown on her face “I am afraid I would have to tell you to leave so that he can rest. Only one person can stay with him either you stay with him or one of your daughters does.”

Mrs. Ugochukwu’s phone rang just then and indicated to the nurse that she would answer her as soon as she dropped her call. After about two minutes on the phone, she finally got off the phone and stared at David longingly before saying

“It’s the designers from Abuja, I need to leave for Abuja if I am to be awarded the contract to host the upcoming House of Glam Awards,” she turned to face the nurse, “my daughter would stay with him in the meantime and please don’t hesitate to offer him the best medical service.” As she talked, she was rummaging in her purse for some money and soon handed some wads of cash to the nurse. “That is seventy-five thousand naira, please you can keep ten thousand for yourself and the remaining for any bill my love might incur while I am gone.”

The nurse beamed and promised to make sure that David got the best treatment the hospital could offer. Mrs. Ugochukwu turned to Chioma, “Chi dear, I am so sorry that I have to leave you during this period. I know you have been through a lot but I promise you I would be as quick as possible. You know how important this contract is and I would phone in every minute, I have to check which airline I can go with immediately. I should be back by tomorrow.” She handed Chioma some wads of cash too and hurried off failing to notice the look of dread on her daughter’s face.

“This is really a sticky situation, how do I stay with a man I tried to kill?” Chioma whispered to Maryam who had been silent throughout. “You also know how much I hate hospitals and he would surely have me arrested as soon as he can talk.”

Maryam shook her head and smiled reassuringly at her friend, “if he talks then you will also have to report the issue of the rape. I would stay with you in the meantime and let us see as things go. Hopefully he won’t be back in his senses till your mother returns and you can tell her everything.”

The two  girls sat down to their vigil when Chioma was suddenly awakened by a hot breath on her neck, she turned her head to the feeling and coiled back as she saw David’s face next to hers.

“You’ll pay for this you evil child.”

She cringed in fear and disgust and quickly stood up from her seat. There was a malicious smile on his face as he drew himself fully back to the bed and stared at her as if he was trying to probe her soul.

“I killed you before and I will do it again if you try anything funny,” she hissed back between clenched teeth. She was shaking with fear and rage and she looked around her to see that Maryam was dozing on a chair as she herself must have also fallen asleep. It was not yet fully dark but the day was already setting and she wished her mother was back already.

David smiled maliciously again and pressed the bell hovering above his bed to summon a medical personnel. The nurse her mother had given money to earlier in the day came rushing in and went straight to David’s side.

“Are you alright sir? You really should not stress yourself so,” turning to Chioma, she reprimanded in a voice that clearly showed that she meant no disrespect “what did you do to him? His pulse is racing and he should not be this excited. Don’t you want your brother to live ni?”

“That snake is not my brother and I do not care if he lives or die!” Chioma retorted hotly.

She turned her back on the grin spreading on David’s face and without looking back, she asked, “are you aware that Matthew is dead?”

Read Episode 6: CLICK HERE

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