Don’t Say Jesus (18+)

ImageCredit: The Grey Scale Gallery

ImageCredit: The Grey Scale Gallery

I was angry with myself, I had fumbled at choir rehearsals today and I couldn’t understand why. If we were to win the Singers Of Glory Regional Championship, I couldn’t afford to be singing like a baby who was just learning to talk. Our choir master, Brother Tunde had also noticed that and after rehearsals, he told me to make sure I report at his house by 4:00pm to continue our rehearsals. I could not say anything as I saw my chances of going to play football with the guys going out the window. Damn this talent of singing, I thought to myself as I knocked on Brother Tunde’s door. I wasn’t really happy that I was going to be spending the rest of the Sunday rehearsing for the singing regionals. As the lead singer, everyone just expected so much of me and my less than excellent performance was not acceptable. The regionals was on Tuesday and I could still see everyone in the congregation beaming with pride as Brother Tunde had announced during announcements that we had made it to the regionals thanks to the powerful voice of Kunle.

“Kunle, you are here already, please come inside.” I realized that Brother Tunde’s daughter Blessing was standing at the door. I had not even heard her open the door and I thanked God that it wasn’t Brother Tunde himself that opened the door or I might have had to explain the scowl on my face. I didn’t like the way everybody treated me like a baby at church, at eighteen, one would expect that they would start treating me more like an adult. They had even refused to allow me join the adults’ class saying I had to wait till I was twenty-one.

“Good afternoon aunty Blessing,” I said as I made my way into the two bedroom apartment that Blessing shared with her widower father. Aunty Blessing also attended the same church with us but her face had become less frequent since she gained admission into the university although she was always around whenever she was home for holidays like now. Brother Tunde never failed to tell anybody how his twenty-two year old daughter was already the head of a campus fellowship while just being in her second year and how he knew she would become a great minister of God in the nearest future.

“Stop calling me aunty Blessing jare, do you want to make me feel like one old woman? It seems just like yesterday that we were in the same teenager’s class. You have grown into a big boy now oh and it is good to see that your voice is really working wonders. You people must win.”

“It is all thanks to God aunty Blessing,” I said taking my seat.

“You would have to wait for daddy, he said he wants to get his car fixed at the mechanic but that you should make sure you wait for him.” I sighed inwardly and resigned myelf to the fact that I was going to be spending even more time than I had thought at this private rehearsal.

“No problem, aunty Blessing.” She laughed and repeated that I should stop calling her aunty Blessing.

“Make yourself comfortable, I would be with you shortly, need to finish something I am doing inside.”

I don’t know how long I was alone in the sitting room before I dozed off but I awakened when I felt a hand on my cock.

“Jesus,” Blessing had her had on my cock and her face was close to mine. She had changed from into a wrapper that was loosely around her chest and ending just by her thighs.

“What are you doing?” I said even as my eyes took in her naked thighs and although I had never seen a naked woman standing so close to me before being the church virgin that I was, I knew that it was not every day a man saw this kind of freshness in a woman.

“Don’t say Jesus,” she said with a short laugh and I noticed that my cock was swelling from her hands movement. “Have you never been touched by a girl before?” Her voice sounded like she was teasing me and she expertly pulled down my zipper. She was still leaning into me and I could see the mounds of her breasts heaving with her every breath. I was excited and confused at the same time but she didn’t need any invitation as my rising cock seemed to be all the invitation that she needed. “I can see you like it.”

“We shouldn’t, Jesus would not like this.” My own voice sounded alien to even me and she laughed again as she expertly drew down my chinos trouser zipper and her fingers moved onto my cock through my boxers.

“Jesus? Don’t worry, we will ask Jesus for forgiveness when we are done? Don’t be such a baby, I thought you would have grown into an adult by now.” She was stroking my now erect cock through my boxer as she spoke and as she uttered the last word, she pushed herself back with the chair and untied her loose wrapper.

“Jesus,” I heard myself repeat weakly as my eyes took in her breasts standing like twin mountains with her nipples jutting straight at me as if they were inviting me to touch them. I was unsure of what to do and I could see she was enjoying my discomfort as she smiled and sucking her left middle finger, she began to rub her nipples. I stood as if I was enthralled in a trance and then her finger began to slowly slide down her flat stomach and my eyes involuntarily followed her finger. I willed myself not to look further as it passed her navel but found I could not resist as it passed there and travelled even downwards till she reached her womanhood.

“Are you going to have you some of this good pussy or are you going to stand there and keep watching me like you have seen a demon?” I knew whatever it was that I was seeing, it was no demon as I felt my cock twitch in response and she moved closer bending my head to her nipples. I took to her nipples like a new borne would take to its mother breasts. I lapped eagerly at her dark nipples before closing my mouth around it and sucked gently.

I heard her inhale as she guided me back to a sitting position and sat on my laps so that she was facing me. As she did this, she held my head to her nipples so that I continued sucking even as she began to move slowly in my laps. Whatever inhibitions I had had earlier were out the door as I sucked on her breasts as if my life depended. She was playing with her second breasts with her hand as I lavished my attention on the one that I had been guided to.

“Suck harder, make me your bitch!”

“Jesus,” I gasped as I heard her use the word bitch. Who would think that Brother’s Tunde perfect campus fellowship leader used words like bitch? She stood up in annoyance and looked at me in her full nakedness unabashed that I was fully clothed except for my throbbing dick which had somehow found its way out through my unzipped trousers.

“Stop saying Jesus! What is it with you and Jesus? If you say Jesus one more time, we are going to end this right now.” I felt ashamed and mumbled my apology and she signaled that I pull off my trouser, an instruction I complied with quickly. She took my cock in her hand and rubbed my pre-cum over the tip making me gasp again. This time, my gasp of shock was more of pleasure than surprise and she smiled that smile again.

“Stand up,” she said and I complied. She then went on her knees and closed her mouth around my cock. I had never been sucked before so this feeling was totally alien. It was like my dick was encased in a warm-hot wetness that sent sensations of pleasure all over my body and I didn’t want it to stop. I felt myself begin to thrust awkwardly when her hands on my naked buttocks seemed to be trying to cram every inch of my manhood into her mouth. It was clear that this was not her first time of giving a guy a blowjob as she kept on bobbing and slurping like one who knew what she was doing.

After sucking for me for what seemed like forever, I felt my pleasure increase and I began to moan softly. I knew I was about to burst and as I felt the first spurt of cum jet out of my cock even as my legs buckled but she her hands held on tight to keep me from falling. Just then, the sound of a knock came on the door and Brother Tunde’s voice came booming

“Blessing come and open this door.”

“Jesus,” we both said in unison.

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6 Responses to Don’t Say Jesus (18+)

  1. jjfuma says:

    Ummmmm…..fellowship leader? But she knew her father was going to return not too long, she shoulda let the bitch in her sleep peacefully.


  2. Omho A. says:

    Lord have mercy. Don’t say Jesus, right?


  3. giftedGEOVAL says:

    Hmmm, I don’t want to say ‘Jesus’… permit me to scream, Lord!


  4. Swko2 says:

    Reblogged this on swko2.


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