Advice Me: My Longtime Boyfriend Said He Can’t Marry Me Because We Are Not From The Same Religion


My name is Idera and I had this boyfriend that I have been dating for a while. I used to believe that we were very much in love and I really like him, he is good looking and also loaded a bit. We were course mates  during our university days and we dated for like three years.

To cut a long story short, when we were rounding up school, I found out that he had a lot of side chicks and was even dating another lady from our class. I was bitter and cried severally but I knew that wasn’t going to change the matters on ground. To then complicate matters further, he said he can’t marry me because I am a Christian and he is a Muslim.

I find it annoying that since he left me and put me in the friend zone, he has found love again while I can’t stop loving him. I need advice please.

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8 Responses to Advice Me: My Longtime Boyfriend Said He Can’t Marry Me Because We Are Not From The Same Religion

  1. Obiora says:

    tell lies thursday


  2. Emre says:

    Ms. Idera you’re still young. I do believe that love can overcome religious barriers but Christianity-Islam is one of the toughest. Now this guy has clearly moved on even if he loved you once I believe he doesn’t anymore. I think the first step for you is to accept this reality and do not dwell on him (thoughts about him may pop up but do not dwell the on them)… And then I’d advice you to love someone else… Even if you still love the guy… Nothing stops you from loving someone else…Even if you do not love the next person as much as you loved your ex… It’s a positive step because my dear, you’d be Wasting your time dwelling on the past and depriving yourself of possible happiness.


  3. You Dont Know My Name says:

    Why would you even date a muslim as a christian?

    your religion forbids it, HIS religion forbids it, and the philosophies your religions teach you are so fundamentally different that it will wreck your marriage in the future.

    is this foolishness or what?


    • First King says:

      bro…there’s a huge difference between marriage and dating, i can date a muslim gal but i can’t marry her…i think the pros here is marriage…


      • You Dont Know My Name says:

        It’s even more abominable for people of such polar opposing religions to be joined in matrimony.

        Dating is about sharing life with your other half. which is clearly impossible if he/she is from another religion. don’t you know the philosophies of these religions? believe in us or you will burn in hell!!

        how would you like to wake up every morning and see the person you love most in the world, knowing that he is definitely going to suffer torture for eternity when he dies, and that he thinks that this is exactly what is going to happen to you when you die. what sort of sick relationship is that?

        or are they just faking the whole religion thing? because if they are, damn waste of life. undecided


  4. First King says:

    to a very large extend i agree with you…in my own case, i’m dating her with the mindset of converting her, depending on your level of spiritual maturity.


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