Before You Blame Fate

Image Credit: Quotes Pie

Image Credit: Quotes Pie

Oftentimes, people are quick to blame a lot of event, failures, decisions and mistakes on destiny. We are quick to attribute our failures to being responsible by a greater force beyond our own control but very hesitant to attribute success or fulfillment on the same “destiny” instead we attribute that to hard work, perseverance, determination and all the essential quality for being successful.

Since fate refers to things bound to happen as being controlled by a greater force, we can roughly say that everything happening in the world today, the wars, disasters and all the crisis are controlled by a greater force beyond the control of man. How interesting can this be?

Destiny is an illusion. Oftentimes people talk about a change in destiny. Religious teachers and moral instructors use the sentence “change of destiny” if things are bound to happen is the struggle to change it worth the risk? If I was born a Christian and into a Christian family, and the almighty God who knows all things have seen in the future that one day I will deviate from the faith, is the struggle to keep me connected to the church by the preacher worth it? If things are bound to happen, they surely will happen, but in all we are the products of our own destiny or fate.

God gave an option in the Bible for man to choose between light or darkness with an advice on which to choose. Here comes the part of choice. The end product (fate) of choosing light is everlasting life and the end product (fate ) of choosing darkness is death (according to the Bible). In our world today, we either choose to fail or to succeed. These two don’t just happen.

Don’t blame destiny if you fail, you chose to fail, and don’t blame your creator if at the end you die, you chose darkness.

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