Advice Me: I Am Sleeping With My Brother’s Wife And She Doesn’t Want It To Stop


I am a man of 26 years old and I started living with my brother about four years back when I first came to Lagos. He was unmarried as of when I first came from Abuja but he got married later on and I still kept on staying with him. I don’t know how to explain it but somehow because his wife is a full time housewife and I don’t have a job yet, we always get to be at home alone most of the time. I can’t remember how it started but we have been having sex for like a year now.

My brother has been very good and I feel bad that I am sleeping with his wife. The woman in question is very beautiful and she has threatened that if I tell my brother or stop the affair, she is going to make sure that I regret it for the rest of my life. I don’t know what to do because I don’t know how my brother would react if he finds out that I am sleeping with his wife. If he throws me out, I have nowhere to go and I don’t have money to my name, at the same time I don’t think I want to go on with this affair with his wife.

Please people advice me, what can I do?

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22 Responses to Advice Me: I Am Sleeping With My Brother’s Wife And She Doesn’t Want It To Stop

  1. move into another family members home? If you can honest with yourself, you need to be honest with him, you may lose your brother in process, or damage the realtionships you have within the family. It is just a question of whether or not you really want to stop


  2. Gabriel says:

    you are going to hell, there are other women in the world and yet you picked your brothers wife


  3. MzPecs says:

    Get a job and leave the God damn house nah


  4. Mona Lisa says:

    okay, continue sleeping with your brother’s wife till she wants it to stop…

    you welcome


  5. Pet4Ril says:

    You need advice It will never be well with you and the hawl your brother married as a wife…… Please tell him so that he can erase both of you out of his life and mind…….. Idiots and tomorrow you will be praying to have a settled home? Don’t just expect it


  6. Smelling Mouth says:

    U dey chop fresh meat abi?


  7. Shynzu says:

    OP have you guys tried “monkey style”??
    I heard it stimulates the vaginal walls nd produces orgasmic feelings with each stroke.


  8. Don Perry says:

    What advice do u wanna get here? You know deep within u that what u are doing is unacceptable and abominable. Please flee from that house and desist from such nefarious act. Get yourself busy with something useful.


  9. Noble says:

    it doesn’t have any prove tat it is bad.. Bt Bro.. u gotta stop doing tat y? u feel it’s bad


  10. Crazy Fella says:

    In olamide’s voice> dont stop using lonart o.. In ma own voice> dont stop strafin ur brodas wife until u meet ur *** dats all..


  11. Bello says:

    It’s not right, stop the act, forget her threat and probably leave d house. It’s beta u leave d house Dan to go to hell. If u are a Muslim u Allah totally frowns at such. And I am sure christianity doesn’t encourage such. So u beta lock ur dick b4 God locks u in hell angry


  12. Lucky says:

    I pity ur controlled life, so u mean another mans wife worse of it ur brothers wife is controlling ur life blackmailing u as u said. Let me assume u are willing to stop and give u this advice. blackmail her by recording her threats and advances that proves beyond doubt she forced u into that act. When she finally report u to ur brother than u present that as ur prove. Another advice go to the pastor or priest with ur prove so that he/she will sit both of u down and explain the taboo of ur action and force her to stop. He can be ur witnesses too.


  13. Michella says:

    Karma is a Dam.
    someone else is definitely gonna bang your wife too


  14. Dammy says:

    How wil u feel if it was ur broda sleeping wit ur wife? U wil eventually regret it all ur life cos if u don’t tel ur bro, he wil later find out. Buh seriously, u must be one idiotically crazy slowpoke to ve even nurtured d tot of ‘doing’ ur bros wife. And its been going on for a year? No wonder u don’t ve a job angry


  15. Not A Saint says:

    when i see sh** like this u leave me asking How did u start? where u comatose? why the sudden change? or u just want peeps to know u are out of here foolish?…Its simple, when u started it u did not come here to ask if u could start or how to go about sexing her…now for the sake of peace here quietly stop convincing yourself there is anything good about for where u left your morals.


  16. Esther says:

    Continue doing it abeg. Until she gets pregnant! i’m sure your family would be proud of you…Dumb dogshît!


  17. Honeygurl says:

    How is this possible?


  18. seun says:

    Thats a mortal sin bruh. She threatened she cld do worst if u stop and she meant it. U jz put the life of ure brother in danger and uve given her power over u as well. u surely going to hell bruh.


  19. Chris says:

    My guy that is so shameful to say.


  20. Maryam says:

    U scumbag u beta stop this abominable act and tel ur bro then God can 4give u..pls 4 get al those empty threat of hers n do d right thing..


  21. lostboy89 says:

    No one has even stopped to say that shes in the wrong too. Theyre just as bad as each other.


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