Punish Me Please (18+)


I always thought sex didn’t matter to me in a relationship that it was all about the person and not the physical attraction but being with Daniel for about three months with nothing but lukewarm sex soon showed me that I was more sexual than I was thinking. He was one of those one minute guys that finished the action in less than eight strokes. It was always over before it even began and I soon began to get sexually frustrated. My matters was not helped by my best friend Hannah who never tired of telling me of how much of a good fucker her boyfriend Godwin is. I remember there was a particular time she had gone.

“Have you ever been fucked so bad and you are the one begging him to stop? I thought I could fuck but Godwin has shown me that I really can’t really. His curved banana drives me crazy and he never seems to tire.” She had then gone on to describe how she had been in the bathroom one day and Godwin had come behind her smiling like a devil with his dick rearing up and holding her against the wall had given her a good banging like she was a slut. I had laughed and said I wouldn’t mind being treated like that once in a while but Daniel was too gentle for those kind of things but in my head I knew he wasn’t going to even last two minutes before it was all over.  Sex with Daniel was routine task for me as I would let him do his thing then I would get up and try not to let my frustration show by saying

“Baby, don’t worry it is not all about the sex. I know you are working on yourself.” He would smile his appreciation while I would go off to the bathroom to clean myself but really it was to calm myself down. I needed something hardcore but how was I going to get it?

I had gone to visit Godwin and Hannah in their self-contained apartment that they shared very early one morning at around 8.00am following a previous night of frustrated sex with Daniel. I was going mad having not had good sex since I got myself into a relationship so who could blame me when I walked in on Godwin wanking in their one roomed apartment. His eyes was glued to the porn he was watching on the TV screen and he must have been so carried away he didn’t hear me come in, I was just that kind of regular visitor that didn’t need to knock. Oh lawd! He was big. I stood at first at the door and watched him beating at that meaty dick that I could see all the vein standing out proudly. His eyes turned to me and he tried to cover his dick with his hand in embarrassment but seeing that dick had brought out all my pent up unsatisfied sexual desires.

“Hannah…she is not home. She had to travel to her aunt’s place…last night early this morning to her aunt’s place…I..I thought she would have called you,” he stammered. That was like all the invitation I needed knowing that my friend was not at home. He was still sitting there with his pants down, holding his dick and the soft moans coming from the porn playing on the TV was contributing to the horniness that I had carried over from last night.

“Oh she hasn’t called me. Why are you covering your thing? I like it.” I said with a smile and watched his eyes cloud in confusion. I was still standing by the door so to show him what I meant, I turned the key in the lock and tried the door handle to make sure it was locked even as my hand began to unbutton my blouse. Hannah talked about how much of a good fucker he was, I wanted this meat so I could talk about some good experience with her too even if she was to never know it was her boyfriend. I don’t know whether it had to do with the porn or if he had always had any secret fantasies about me either but I can’t say that Godiwn stopped me as I dropped my blouse at the door and walked to him, my hand already tugging down on my skirt.

I took his hand away from his now semi-erect dick and hungrily, like someone who has been starved of food for too long, I took his dick in my mouth. He tasted of Vaseline but who cared, here I was sucking on a dick that was fast growing in my mouth. He spread his legs apart to give me more access and his hand helped me to unclip my skirt at the back. I tried to take his whole dick in my mouth but I couldn’t, he was too big so I settled on bobbing on the length that I could even as he began to talk dirty.

“Suck on that dick, you know you want it.” Usually I would have been offended by dirty talk but I just wanted to be his bitch and be treated like bitch. He slipped a finger into me from behind and began to finger fuck me even as my head went up and down on his dick. I was sucking like my life depended on it as I alternated between sucking hard and slow teases while he was fingering my pussy like crazy and I began to feel myself getting wet all over again.

Suddenly he pushed my head away from his dick and he drew me up roughly asking me to bend over in a gruff voice. I didn’t need any further prompting, this was different from all the gentle lovemaking with Daniel, this was hardcore, just the type every good girl secretly wanted but was too shy to tell their boyfriend about it. He entered me from behind and to say that it was like a cucumber had just been slipped into me was an understatement. He held me by the waist and began to piston in and out and like some hungry animal and I moved along with his rhythm. I have always wanted to be ridden like I was a slut and at last I had found someone that was doing that for me. Hannah didn’t say this was what she had been enjoying and as Godwin’s dick went in and out of me, I began to whimper like a baby would when sucking contentedly on his mother’s breasts. He kept on slamming into me but with every stroke, I made sure that I met him halfway.

“You like that huh?” he asked but I didn’t make any response, instead I pressed closer so that he went even deeper on his next thrust. It was like he was planning on fucking out my insides as I felt his dick go up to places that Daniel had never gone before so when he commanded that I lie with my back and spread my legs apart, I was only too eager to comply.

He took my spread legs and spread them further apart like they weren’t wide enough before his dick plunged right back into my open vagina lips that closed around his hard dick like a friend would envelope another friend in a warm embrace. It was like a trailer was being rammed into me and the slap-slap sound of skin against skin only made me want him to go in as deep as he could. We had been fucking like this for five minutes and I know I was enjoying every bit of it, this was not the less than one minute sex with Daniel and it was like heaven when he switched tactics again.

This time he asked me to lie down with my ass shooting up and my face pressed against the bed. He then pressed on my ass cheeks and entered me again with him squatting behind me.  My vagina felt like it was on fire with the speed at which he was slamming and ramming into it and with each hard thrust, I felt waves of pleasure roll over me. I had not felt an orgasm in a long time with a dick inside of me but it felt like today was my lucky day as I soon began to feel myself building. My moans of pleasure began to match that of the lady being fucked on the screen and it was like Godwin himself knew that I was getting close. If I thought he had been fucking me hard and fast before, his new speed and intensity was something that made me want to jump off his dick. But he held me tightly and kept slamming into me,

“You going to take this cock babe, you know you want more,” he said from behind me through gritted teeth. I was too high now and I found myself saying despite myself.

“Oh fuck me daddy, fuck me like you mean it,” he pulled out of me and pushed me aside before lifting my legs into the air and entering back into me in a swift stroke so that we were facing one another now.

“I want to see your face as you climax,” he said and his dick went back into action.

“Just fuck me, don’t stop, oh lord don’t make it stop. This feels so good.” Nobody had ever fucked me this way before and as I felt myself reach. I found myself screaming out in pure ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me and I impaled myself on his dick as far as I could even as he kept on the panel beating treatment of my pussy like his life depended on it.

“That was just round one oh, I am not even close yet,” he said when my climax had subsided and I tried to extract myself from him.

“Sure thing, I am all yours for as long as Hannah is out I heard myself say,” heading for the bathroom already thinking of ways on how to ride that dick once again.

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    Is this the end?


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    Have come back


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    Wow… It was vivid, good job guys


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  8. I love this story and everuthing in bdsm world!


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