Life As A Medical Student In Idi Araba – FISOLA FAROUN


At a certain age, we’re all bound to have pimples growing on our faces. One of the signs of puberty. The tiny little inflammations on our skin plead with us to pop them especially when they’re yellow at the top and ‘ripe for popping’. Some of us have taken a habit of popping them. It’s just a really sticky habit, it’s not much fun if you think of it.

I was sitting in my corner of the reading room reading my anatomy textbook preparing for a test due later that week. Then I looked up and every other person seemed so fixed on what they were reading so nobody was going to notice me *not that I care if they did*. Anyway I ran my fingers up my face and felt a zit. Well I squeezed 🙈🙈🙈. And almost immediately, I was struck by guilt. See the thing is the pimple was on my cheek and in the venous drainage of the face the cheek falls under the danger area that is areas where facial vein communicates with the cavernous sinus(a special kind of vein for the brain) in the brain. The story is this:
The skin of the face has sebaceous and sweat glands😥😥😥 involved in acne which can be infected by proprionibacterium acne. So I start thinking 💭💭by popping this zit, I’ve exposed myself to this bacteria. The bacteria can get into my facial vein and, by communications, get into my cavernous sinus and can cause thrombosis (blockage) of the sinus then cerebrospinal fluid (brain fluid) won’t be able to drain through  the sinus and join my normal blood flow and then I’ll have excess fluid in my skull exerting pressure on my brain and giving me meningitis…….💭💭

Sigh😐 . How did my little zit turn into meningitis now?

So this is my life now; because I’m studying medicine I can’t do ordinary things without thinking of all the clinical correlates. Sometimes I feel like knowing is just killing but like some consultants or senior doctors like to remind us ”we don’t know anything, all we have in our head is sawdust”.

Please if we now want to know, nko?? I’m tired😥😥. Toks said “you just act like life is fair, you hardly complain, you just keep moving and doing your thing”. Am I really like that? Hmmmm……

Well to be honest I do hate complaining because I know if I start I’ll just continue;there’s a lot to complain about plus I think we all have things to complain about too. Sitting down and whining, lamenting and complaining never solved anything anyway, so what’s the use?

Toks said that while we were talking about how I’d been living for the past 2 weeks. It’s more of a routine and here’s how it goes:

Take the 7:30am bus to school.

After class, go to the reading room. Take breaks to eat, gist and sleep (if I find a friend’s room to sleep in or just fall asleep while reading just for a few hours though).

5:45am; Walk back to college area to meet the bus before it leaves by 6:00am.

6:20am; Sleep.

7:00am; Wake up and prepare for school.

And cycle goes on ……..
I won’t even go into the issue of me needing accommodation on campus😑😑.

The thing is Toks is a crazy ass bookworm so he spends almost all his nights in the reading room. When I started this reading routine, he started asking questions about where and when I sleep (he knows my hostel is at Yaba).

Toks and most of my other friends expect me to be stressed out; well I guess I am. Or maybe I’m not. I really don’t know. I think there are people who go through more stress than this so what’s my own to be complaining. Plus I’m in school to learn and pass my exams no matter what so, yeah, I’ll go through this routine for the next 3 months if I have to(med school ain’t beans); but please they should stop postponing our in-courses. I need a night of sleep in place of reading all night.

Life isn’t fair; but it’s not fair to everyone not just me so it’s actually fair.

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  2. Medics' Inn says:

    This is quite interesting, thank you for sharing.


  3. Nuel says:

    I almost ran mad reading those medical grammers


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