The Other Side Of The Coin

other side of the coin penastory

They never knew it would turn out like this. They always thought it was a time of talents and not of coins. Society tosses the coin, a very fair toss and a very partial drop. Their destinies tumbling till it eventually stops at class and material obstructions; obstructions of closed doors. Tunde, a young adult with a raw talent for football. It is mesmerizing the way he wiggles with the movement of the ball, it is like dancing, the ball his music and the pitch a disco party. He was a human being like everyone of them but he became a  god the minute he had the ball. He knew what he was meant to be, never let anybody steal his heart away from it. Even though he was from the rungs of the society, he was disposed with the rights to climb it but now it was time for society’s verdict. His agent came to tell him the good news, a club needed a striker and a couple of midfielders. A very good news it was for Tunde who jumped in excitement. This was his opportunity! But alas he had only seen one side of the coin. There was another side he had been blinded to. He needed money to meet his destiny, to fund his dream. It was then it dawned on him that even if dreams do come true, life is not a bed of roses where you sleep in bliss. It had mosquitoes in form of poverty to suck on your dreams and perhaps leave you sick with illness.

Society is not human and really not a small god with the letter g starting it. It does not care for dreams, talents and hearts or destinies but for class and wealth.  She knew her heart was where it was meant to be. Not everybody liked the path she chose not even her father who was opposed to her decision to pose for pictures and hear the click click sound of the cameras. To see the blinding flashing lights and know that that was all she needed. It was her passion, to shine in the spotlight,a burning fire of God’s glorious light. She had that natural confidence that she showed in her modelling pictures, that we saw when she covered the front pages of small scale magazines. All she had been able to do were small scale magazines when school gave her some free time but this was big. She had made the modelling business her priority, schooling her plan B. This could propel her dreams, jump start her career as a supermodel so she opted for it. But she had to come from the wrong side, the other side; the lower side. The side where there were no connections, important connections to aid her dreams. So it was another that got what she wanted even though she was more than qualified for it. Did it have to do with the fact that she refused to lay with the guy in charge? Alas her coin had been between her legs.

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About Larniyi

A prolific writer.Schools at the University Of Lagos,hails from the Department Of English.I feel literature is spontaneous,Poetic.I'm very poetic.
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