I Came To Say Sorry Part 2 (18+)

i came to say sorry

Excerpt From Part 1:

He swooped her off her feet and dropped her on the table, pushing her dress up her thighs to confirm what his hand had just communicated to his brain. Patricia threw her head back and spread her legs apart…to read part 1 CLICK HERE

Mark didn’t need any further invitation as his hand went into her most secret place and found her core. His fingers were met with the already moist  well trimmed hair that guarded her gates and he rubbed his thumb over it the way he knew usually tickled her. The soft sigh that came from her lips did not escape his ears and he smiled as he rubbed her teasingly and began to feel some of her juices wetting his thumb. She tried to move her hips so that she could impale herself on his thumb but he pressed her back so that his hand kept on teasing just the entrance of her open vagina.

“Mark take me.”

“But you didn’t want me to take you this morning,” his voice was teasing as he his other hand teased her breasts which she had somehow pulled down by the shoulder to expose her breasts. Mark contemplated whether to take her hard and furious the way he was feeling his enraged cock trying to burst out of his trouser or to slowly make love to her the way he had wanted to make love to her in the morning when she had rejected him. He craved to slam his cock into her and hear beg me for more. From her dripping pussy, there was no argument that she would let him bang her any way he wanted. His thumb slipped into her dripping wet vagina and she wiggled on the table, this time his hand left her breasts to cover her mouth with the way she was beginning to moan as he finger fucked her. How could she be this wet and had not wanted this in the morning, Mark thought to himself.

Her soft body had yielded to him and he tried not to smile as she bit down gently on his hand that was covering her mouth so that her squeal of excitement didn’t carry out of the room. The movement of his thumb in her didn’t seem to satisfy what she wanted and she forced herself upright and quickly unbuckled his trouser. His own manhood also came springing free and she looked at him with lust darkened eyes.

“Take me Mark,” there was something in her eyes that he couldn’t read as she lifted her legs up again and exposed her wet pussy to him, supporting her lifted legs with her hand. Mark grabbed her legs and brought it down before pulling her off the table so that her body slammed into his. His mouth went to her painted lips and he kissed her hard. He sucked and kissed on her plaint lips which opened eagerly for him to explore and as he kissed her, his hands played with her soft smooth skin in the way she said usually made her feel like a thousand sensations were crawling over body at once.

As he kissed and teased her skin, he began to feel her nails digging into his back as her breathing came out heavy. She instinctively raised her leg and wrapped it around him so that his hand supported her back while the edge of his cock was just teasing her belly and sometimes grazing over her clitoris. He could feel his own precum too leaking all over her stomach as she kissed him back as hard as she could, trying to match him in the tongue battle that seemed to be going on.

He pushed her back gently against the table so that her back was resting against the table while she stood and with that he used his hand to guide the tip of his cock to her wetness. He glided his thick shaft along her slit, each movement causing it to become slicker. They both knew what was about to happen and they both wanted it and he smiled with the look of anticipation he saw on her face as she looked at him as he teased her opening with just the tip, not fully going in but simply hanging there, leaving her pussy wanting to close around him but making sure his hand was pressing her against the table so she couldn’t move.

“Mark,” she moaned like someone in suffering and he finally began to push inside her an inch at a time. She gasped as he stretched her and they looked each other in the eye but neither said a word. Once fully inside her, she smiled at him. She swung her head to one side and surrendered, waiting for the movement of his cock that was going to send her over the edge. But Mark didn’t want her to win so easily, he still felt like punishing her for that morning and as he pulled out, he slammed into her with such a force that her breasts bounce on her chest. Her head snapped to him and he grinned at her as she tried to stand but only impaling herself further on his cock. Mark pinned her down and began to slam into her with all the force he could muster, sometimes rotating his cock as he moved.

Patricia was moaning from pleasure and pain at the same time but she knew that either ways, she didn’t want it to stop. She felt the pressure building up inside of her and this time she was beginning to make soft crying sounds but Mark himself was too far gone to care. Her fluid began to change to sticky and thick against his cock and when he lifted her off the table to slam into her in another powerful thrust, she felt herself cum in an orgasm that was more intense than anything she had ever felt before.

Mark continued slamming even as she convulsed in his arms and when he felt her relax, he pulls her off him and roughly pushed her to the floor. He lines up his cock and grabs her head so that his fingers were tangled in her hair and pushed her mouth on his cock. She struggled to take it down as she tasted the thick sticky cum on his salty dick as he fucked her face. His balls were slamming her throat as he pistoned in and out and she felt the tears running down on her face as she gagged on his dick. Just as his juice began to spurt out of his cock, he released her head and pulled out so that some of the hot spunk landed on her face and he knew he had won, he had not allowed her to say sorry so easily.

“Mark,” she protested feebly from her position on the floor and he grinned at her sheepishly and said just one word, “sorry babes.”

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  2. lanre says:

    She swung her head to one side and surrendered, waiting for the movement of my cock
    The my is a mistake
    Nice write up


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