I recently saw on the news how a man beat his teenage daughter to a coma for allegedly getting pregnant. Why? I mean it’s high time the Nigerian society kick against the dehumanization and maltreatment of young adults who have kids. Well, I am grateful to God for the kind of very understanding parents I have. I am not saying they are the best but the fact that they give room for explanation and a second chance is commendable. I remember when they first got to know about my first child. I had just turned eighteen and felt I had attained full maturity. My relationship with the mother of my kids was barely six months and she was already pregnant.

To several people, I was too young to handle the situation but I always asked, what is maturity? Should maturity be judged by age because I am more than willing to show you several fools at forty who have no focus or even prospects of taking up responsibility and becoming better persons in life. At eighteen, the experiences I had faced had done well in reshaping my attitude and perspectives towards the hurdles life threw at me. Like one of my mentors would always say “Kunbi, a successful life is a result of 10% the problems thrown at you and 90% how you face those problems.” Thus, if you ask me, with all sincerity, I think I was fully ready for my first child at eighteen.

Fatherhood was super cool and before I knew what was happening, I became so engrossed in it that it only took me a year and a half to welcome twin girls. Yup! I know at this point several things are beginning to flood your mind? You are probably asking yourself what was I thinking? Didn’t my mother know how to train her child? Or maybe you are simply thinking how stupid I was to let a mistake repeat itself but the truth is, can you really blame me without knowing my true story? My life has always been on a fast track, so, when I became a father of three adorable kids at twenty, I simply held the bull by its horns. Unlike 2baba, Wizkid and my course mate O.J, all my kids were from the same boo.

Now, the truth is at some point in my life, I began to have mixed feelings. Sometimes, I was happy because it felt highly remarkable to be able to reproduce another fellow human but then I was sad because my life was moving too fast and I had grown too fast missing my youthful years. I usually was envious of my peers who to me were having the normal youthful experiences but then ironically, they all envied me. Most times, I overheard stuff like-“Kubi, just dey ball oh! If only God could just bless me with one of his kids.”

Lol! I know now you probably think you reading a mad man’s write up or you probably thinking I made this up but trust me, if you ever had an encounter with my kids then you would realise that they are dreams of every young Nigerian as of today. Remember last weekend I told you about my boo, so what kind of kid were you thinking we had together? Remember I told you my boo is my CAREER and together we have gone on to birth FAME BOBO and the twins – SUCCESS BABY and MONEY SISI. Trust me, these are the best kids to ever wish for. *tongue out*

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