Extraordinary Feats


He was just five-feet-three inches tall,
Weighed 128 pounds,
His mum gave birth to 19 children,
He woke up at 4 A.M all his life,
He rode over 250,000 miles on horseback;
a distance equivalent to circling the globe ten times…on horse back,
He gave over 40,000 talks and teachings,
He wrote over 6500 hearty songs; Many of whom are still sang today,
He is the founder of a fast growing movement;
had over 40million followers world wide before his death,
At above 80 years he complained to his doctor
that he was getting lazy because he now wakes at 5 A.M,
He died at 88 years and was still active in service in his last month,
He died 300 years ago and his works still speaks.

His name is John Wes; Mr John Wesley.

It will take an average of 10 men with a minimum
of two lives each of sustained work to match his feats,
Yet, he was but a man, like us.

We have developed speed but have shut ourselves in,
We have planes and cars; all for the wrong course,
We have forgotten the value of living with a purpose,
Impact means little to us; existence is everything to us,
Their isn’t just any goal strong enough to drive us anymore,
Reading has lost it power; unless of course there’s a test,
We have lost all sense of commitment,
We have been wired to indulge in the easy and simple,
We love sleep more than life itself,
We wake and repeat the same  process again and again.

I know it won’t be like this forever,
I foresee a generation of men devoid of ignorance,
Men that believe in life and purpose,
Men powered by impact; that will leave with marks,
Who says the labors of our heroes past shall never be in vain; and mean it,
I believe that things are changing,
I believe in a universe of inclusion;
where we set ourselves on fire and others come to watch us burn.

©… @Official_Xplosive☜

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