PenAStory Love Contest Entry #9 – ADULWAHAB ABUBAKAR

“Bzzzzzz!!!…” I slapped my neck in an attempt to kill it. The dreaded mosquito forced me back to reality with it’s annoying buzzing. I was trying to recover from the heavy slap I had given myself when I noticed a dark figure beside the door. I froze in shock and tried to make out what it was. I gained

my senses and made for my torch and pointed at the figure hoping the light rays could act like bullets and send the sinister looking figure violently  back to where it came from.

As I switched on the torch, it wasn’t there anymore. Now I’m about to piss on myself. “Who is there?” I inquired. Knowing fully well that I was the only one in my apartment. I began to pray, hoping God would hear my prayer and rid me of this kind of evil imagination or circumstance I feared I was in.

“Hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa…..Your prayers won’t help you…..” A cold female voice came from beside me. I could see from the corner of my eye the figure was now sitting on my bed. I turned slowly to look at it with shivers running through my spine. I was sweating yet the sweat was freezing. Suddenly a hot evening had become cold, or was it just me? As I was turning my head towards her, so was she. Our eyes met and all I could see were hollow sockets with blood running from them. She looked very familiar even in that horrid state.

Then slowly her lips began to form a smile. Nothing pleasant about that. I couldn’t move. I was petrified as I wished this was a dream I was going to wake up from but no. I have met one of the devil’s demons tonight and it came for me. It came to take my soul.

It began to move closer. Like the distance between us wasn’t enough. I was frozen in that same position already pissing my pants. “Doyin….” I called out. It was Doyin. What does she want from me? I asked her for forgiveness and thought it would have been over then. “Doyin please forgive me…I…I always wanted us to have children but I wasn’t ready…..please….” I said with tears in my eyes now. This thing didn’t have any remorse and was ready to take me to where ever it resides.I closed my eyes hoping it will all end soon when it reached for my ear and whispered “…shhhhhhhhh…you should have never asked for an abortion… we are both dead……”

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!” I screamed like a mad man only to open my eyes and saw that it was just a bad dream. I checked the time and it was 7am already. I quickly reached for my phone and saw a text from Doyin. “Hey babe, I’m on my way to the hospital for the abortion. I really wish we could keep this baby but I understand you aren’t ready. Will call you when it is over with. Love you forever:”

I felt a familiar chill running through my spine as I finished reading the text. “I need to call her immediately. She can’t go through with this.” I said to myself. I tried calling back but her number never seemed to go through. “SHIT!!”

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About PenAStory

PenAStory is a group of young individuals with a passion for literature who have decided to come together to write under one platform. We seek to educate, inform as well as entertain our readers. Also, because we are targeting young literature lovers, we would like to touch on other interests of their lives hence the relationship category and because we all need a bit of motivation in our lives, we decided inspiration won't be so bad
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