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Today, I decided to bring back some memories from high school while having a chat with an old class mate I stumbled into at the mall. Gosh! Small Akande of yesterday is now taller than I am? How manage? I still remember how we made fun of our small man on the assembly ground.

First lesson learnt from today’s meeting is never underrate any human being because only God knows his future. It was about a decade we last saw so we had a lot of catching up to do. My favourite part of meeting up once again was when we started reminiscing about all the crazy things we did back in high school with “dem boiz”. It was a hit back to back-from stealing chicken from the school poultry to stealing hot fresh bread from school bakery to ‘stabbing’ morning devotion and church services by hiding in the ceiling. We laughed really hard for about all of these and the laughing continued until that one memory dropped. It was the remembrance of “OG Night”.

OG night was that one night every C.R.C student liked to remember. The highest amount of break-ups ever happened that night all thanks to Princiiz august visitor. It all started like a normal day with all students going about their regular boarding house routines until the emergency bell came up and prep was cancelled to host this august visitor.

“The last student to leave the dormitory is dead!” That was senior Ugo’s voice roaring and trust me, he was not someone you wanted to doubt because he always meant every word he says as he would hold on tightly to his belt; I think I was in S.S. 1 back then. Upon getting to the assembly ground, we realized our Principal – Princii as we fondly called her had organized a night of intense worship and prayer for all students and staff. Asides from the fact that it ruined all our “shina” plans for prep, “dem boiz” were eager to spoil the night by falling Princii’s visiting pastor Dafe’s hand like we always do for the others. The plan was easy-pizzy. We knew it was going to get to the point where we all had to line up and go receive anointing from the man of God. We were tired of Princii’s friends forcing us to fall flat. I mean God’s anointing is not by force. God’s anointing is meant to come naturally but then these men just came up with funny tricks like pressing our head tight or turning us round in circles continuously till we felt dizzy and then fell.

Enough was enough! Dem boiz had made up their minds – no falling! Folabi, who happened to be one of the biggest boys physically in class led our queue of revolt. With mean stares glued solely on Pastor Dafe, we approached him one after the other. At this point, Akande and I regretted our decision as we remembered how Folabi fell flat on the ground even before the hand of the man of God touched him. We were so disappointed in Folabi for not sticking with the plan but then we realized being disappointed with Folabi meant being disappointed with about half of the whole squad. We realized half of “dem boiz” and even girls were flat on the ground, some were rolling helplessly and screaming out in strange voices and languages as they exposed their white pants which on a normal day was protected jealously like it was a priced ornament.

Pastor Dafe apparently was no joke! I gazed at the now scattered audience searching for Princii and there she was kabashing and kaboshing as they held down and prevented some students from running away. The man of God said the demons and evil spirits want to take them far away into the forest and dump them there. Jesus!!! Was all I could mutter as I saw fellow students I slept, ate, played and took classes with conversing in strange tongues, some even went as far as confessing their missions and initiators. What a night! Truth is, I have never believed in the holy fall despite my dad and mum being pastors. I used to think it was all acting ranging from the likes of Pastor T.B Joshua to Pastor Oyakhilome.

The funniest part of the OG – Ogbanje night was when boys who didn’t manifest started to send girls who didn’t manifest to their girlfriends that it was over.

“Sade! Abeg when Ifeoma gets herself. Help me tell her say I no do again” I didn’t fall that night but over the years I have come to learn that people experience the holy fall for different reasons which necessarily might not mean being possessed. It took me exactly seven years, five months, three days and forty-five minutes from that night to finally experience my own holy fall. I fell on the 24th of January this year because I finally released myself. It was a great experience except the part I hit the little baby being breastfed by my side. Guess, she sef tapped the anointing but that one na story for another day!

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5 Responses to The Holy Fall – KUNBI BLACK

  1. katty says:

    mmm..good one


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  3. izuudokwu says:

    This gave me a throw back to my secondary school days. It is funny and simply,and that i think is lovely.


  4. omowunmi says:



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