That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed: Just A Little More (18+)

best friends bed

Excerpt From Part 4: 

I quickly got up and pushed him back against the chair. It was my turn to make him moan, two can play this game. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers while maintaining eye contact with him the same way he had done. He tried to stop me but I was faster and already had his throbbing cock in my mouth. …

To read Part 4: CLICK HERE

I had had a busy day. I was so tired that my tired was too tired to be tired. The lab work which had something to do with land surveying in this hot sun had not helped matters not to mention the other million of errands I had had to go about. I was practically roasted from the heat of the sun and couldn’t agree more when I saw a joke about the last person that entered hell forgetting to close the doors.  It wasn’t only the heat of the weather I was feeling as well, I was hot from pent up horny feelings as well. We had agreed that we were not going to have sex since it seemed we were having too much though if you ask me, there is no such thing as too much sex in a relationship but all the same, we had agreed to a celibacy streak. Maybe it was the frustration from the weather’s hotness and my body’s personal high temperature from unfulfilled desires, I had snapped at him angrily and we had a fight. We tried talking about it the next day but it was futile, we are just too stubborn for our own good.

Then he called, he wanted to give talk another shot, he wanted us to settle our issues he said so I got dressed and went to meet him. We decided to take a walk around school and maybe by habit or by instinct we ended up in a dark corner. Don’t worry nothing like the last time happened. We are still good on our celibacy pact except you think otherwise when you read what happened.  We sat down facing nothing in particular and started talking. As we talked, my mind was far from the talk as I  kept waiting for him to kiss me because I was so horny. We worked better with our bodies doing the talking rather than our mouth but he just kept on talking.  I kept shifting restlessly in my seat and maybe he thought it was me shifting from guilt but far from it. When I couldn’t take the torture of being so close to him and not being able to touch him anymore, I threw myself at him and kissed him. It was like he had needed just that prompting because he kissed me back as if suddenly realising that talk is cheap and the way he nipped at the exposed areas of my neck and cleavage spoke of the hunger in him as well. At least I was not the only one.

We kept making out as our tongues fought for dominance but no one was winning. We kept kissing while our hands explored everywhere possible. I was right, he wanted this as bad as I did too as I heard a deep growl in his throat before he tore at my bra. He exposed my breasts to the cool air and they immediately perked up, hardened from the desire throbbing in them. He descended on my nipple and sucked like an infant who had been separated from its mother for too long and I fed him like a mother would feed her hungry child. I wanted him to have his fill but at the same time I didn’t want to move too fast.

I needed to feel something too so my hands began their exploration, they grazed over his back, his head, skimmed his arm, went to his chest and then I realized that he had been working out as he had very hard packs that were well toned. He kept sucking my boobs while his hand was beginning to touch my core through my clothes. I felt I was going crazy. His mouth left my boobs and went to my ear before dropping to drop tiny kisses all over my face. All I could do was moan his name while enjoying the pleasant torture I was receiving. We were so thankful that we were in a secluded part of the school as we could explore very well. I guess touching me was not enough contact for him as he kept his hand inside my leggings and gave me the best finger fucking I had ever received in my life. I kept moaning his name while begging for what I wasn’t sure of. Finally the release came. I felt like a shooting star travelling across the galaxy. I came so hard that I thought my limbs were going to detach from my body. He allowed me to catch my breath but not before he kissed me long and hard.

Headlights of passing car illuminated our faces and I saw the lust in his eyes. I rested my head on his chest and he went back to gently sucking and nibbling on my neck and earlobes. My breath was caught in my throat and all I could do was moan contentedly. I could do this forever. He started telling me everything he would love to do to me if we had not agreed to celibacy in a very soft voice.

“I want to make out with your lips while spreading you out with my fingers. I want to hear you moan so softly. I want to hear all those soft noises of yours. I want to make you whimper and scream so loud. I want to make your legs vibrate while I eat you out. I want to pull your hair while smacking your ass. Then I want to delve into your deep folds from behind while sending you to the lands of ecstasy. I want to hold you so tight that we almost merge. I wanna just fuck you in a thousand different ways then make love with you till we are so spent that we can’t move and then we make out some more.”

The talk was driving me crazy and I was read then and there to call off the celibacy as I wanted to jump his bones but my words died on my lips as his mouth went back to feasting on my breasts again and I loved the feeling of his teeth biting them gently. I knew I was going to beg him to fuck me right then and there if he continued with what he was doing with his hands and mouth on my boobs was so groaned thickly “I think we should go.”

“Or maybe we should cum?”

To read part 5: CLICK HERE

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