Tricked! The Lesbian Party Experience – Part 1

lesbian party penastory

I doubt I would ever forget the night Gbade dragged me from the safety of my bed in the hostel to an all-night party. Gbade was one of those cool guys that could talk to any chick in school and he was cool and handsome enough to have most of them falling for him like dominoes. For some strange reason, of all the cool guys in the university, Gbade picked me to be his best friend. I was just your random, lanky nerd that was more interested in books than boobs or booze. I was a straight A’s student with a sky high C.G.P.A and everybody couldn’t stop talking about my bright future. Our friendship was a constant joke among other students because we were as different as chalk and cheese. My friendship with Gbade is not the reason why I am writing this so let me get straight to my story.

It was around 10:15pm when Gbade sauntered into my room with his usual arrogance like he was the son of a king and owned the room. “Oh boy show,” he said with a lazy drawl and closed the book that I had placed in front of me. I was going to protest about how I was just getting to one of the interesting parts of Aminata Sow Falls’ The Beggars Strike but my protest died on my lips because Gbade had already left my side and was standing by the door of the room, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Gbade was usually up to different tricks that although I would rather be left out of, always found myself being dragged into it without my knowing. Like that time he had made us peep through an opening he discovered into the girls’ hostel. Gbade doesn’t even stay in hostel so how he had been able to discover that spot that gave us a good view into the bathing area where some girls bathed openly is still beyond me. Not to mention the other time when he had told me to accompany him to trail a couple he said usually had sex every night at the back of one of the school car parks. Gbade was just that kind of person that has his neck deep in all that is mischievous while I was always the accomplice that allowed my curiosity get the better of me everytime even when I knew we couldn’t be up to any good.

I stood up from my bed and followed Gbade without a word. He led the way out of the hostel to his Toyota Corolla 2012 and asked me to get in, pretending not to hear my question of where we were going as he sped off towards his off-campus apartment. There was a silly grin on his face every time I asked him where we were going or what was going on. His grin would have easily rivalled that of someone who had just been told he won a million dollars lottery ticket. But Gbade wouldn’t be grinning that excitedly if he had just won the lottery, his father is easily one of the richest men in the country, I mean real rich, the type that we like to call stinking rich. Money didn’t mean that much to him as he grew up in it.

We got to his apartment and Gbade brought out a suitcase and threw some new clothes at me. “We are going to party lover boy.” I held the clothes dumbly in my hand trying not to stare at the price tag or consider that it was probably what my father made in two years combined together as a security guard. Maybe if I had not been to shocked with the price tag, I might have had warning bell go off in my head about Gbade calling me lover boy in that tone of voice like a groom trying to cajole a reluctant bride on their wedding night.

“We get test tomorrow, where we dey go joor.” I asked stroking the clothes as if by feeling their texture, I could somehow get acquainted to them.

“You too dey ask plenty question, we are getting late, get dressed and I would explain on our way, you can wear one of my shoes with the cloth” it was typical of Gbade to be typical till he got me to a stage he knew I couldn’t back out so I dressed up and waited for my master-friend to give the next order.

“Hope you know the time is late, it is almost midnight and I can’t club if that is what you are thinking, I get test for PHY 254 oh.” Gbade’s only response was an exasperated sound as he buckled his belt and checked his reflection in the mirror before grabbing the car keys from where he had dropped them when he was entering the bathroom.

It was when we were far away from the safety of his Akoka apartment and somewhere on the third mainland bridge that Gbade finally informed me we were going to Ajah. I gulped down my hysteria and tried not to panic. Ajah? At 11:46pm.

“Shey you know you don dey craze? Which kind waka be this na. What is happening at Ajah, if I knew we were going this far, I swear, I won’t have bothered following you.” He only laughed and turned on the car stereo, whistling with that excitement of a lottery winner again. I sighed and prayed silently that whatever suicide mission Gbade had us on, I got back to my room in one piece and in good condition for my test that I was supposed to be studying for. For how long he drove, I do not know but suddenly he was slowing down the car and I read Crown Gate Estate.

One of the security men opened the gate for us after speaking to whoever it was that Gbade dialed on his cellphone to speak to and soon we were driving into a big compound. That was when my adventures for the night began as Gbade parked the car and with a gleeful expression on his face said, “welcome to a lesbian party boyfriend, better behave, I hear say these girls can fight more than boys. We are two gay boys attending so follow my lead and we would get access to some free boobs and toy with some good pussy so long as they think we are queer.”

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