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Peace Isn’t this what we all crave? The state of calm and quiet After or amidst life’s rancour The rest of sleep After work hours A time to think Through a shower Peaceful ‘sleep’ in the end After many many … Continue reading

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Advice Me: Help Does This Make My Boyfriend Gay?

Good evening, I am very disturbed right now about certain things my boyfriend is doing and I don’t know if it is just in my head or I have reason to be worried. I am a lady of twenty-four years … Continue reading

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When Kunle told her that his mother was coming to spend the weekend with them, she knew she was in for it again. She wasn’t ready for their usual hassle especially not this weekend that she has a lot of … Continue reading

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The Last Night Of The Creaking Bed – OLATUNJI SAMUEL

He was drunk again. You would know from the intonation of his voice as he sang a popular Fela’s song: “Double wahala for dead body…” His voice kept rising as if he owned the compound. The Landlady was around yesterday … Continue reading

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Enter For The 2016 GIOPEACE International Essay Contest

Awards: Ist Prize: 100,000 yen, 2nd Prize: 50,000 Yen + gift certificate 3rd Prize: Gift and certificate THEME: “Education to Build a Better Future for All” Deadline: June 15, 2016 “We live in a world with many complex problems, both … Continue reading

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And He Collapsed

We stood in the middle of the room, still, the only part of our body moving being our hearts. Two lovers, locked in an abominable embrace. There was no need for words, the music of the beating of our hearts, … Continue reading

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Dog Eats Dog

Bros life no be joke. Like play, life don turn to season film. E be like Vampire Diaries, problems no dey finish. Lol. Let’s begin, shall we? I was running to school on a Saturday afternoon when on getting to Ring Road, … Continue reading

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The fall! The cessation of life on the species of the bastion A heinous outrage on terra’s bowel The very atomic betray of harmony, a breach in civic peace They are the ambassadors of untimely transposition Who on a bright dawn … Continue reading

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Now That You Are Here – Episode Four (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

Excerpt From Episode 3: She held him to her and found herself crying silently. Kissing her tears away softly, he whispered, “I am here now Damilola, we are going to be fine! I love you.” In a shaky voice, she … Continue reading

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Break The Addiction – A Challenge

Addictions usually come from years of feeding your mind with stuffs. It sometimes starts from conformity with peers and then grows to become an habit until it is compulsive. It gets out of control and becomes an issue. It slowly begins to destroy self esteem and diminishes … Continue reading

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