That Night In My Best Friend’s Bed: Caution To The Winds (18+)

best friends bed

Excerpt From Part 5:

The talk was driving me crazy and I was read then and there to call off the celibacy as I wanted to jump his bones but my words died on my lips as his mouth went back to feasting on my breasts again and I loved the feeling of his teeth biting them gently. I knew I was going to beg him to fuck me right then and there if he continued with what he was doing with his hands and mouth on my boobs was so groaned thickly “I think we should go.”

“Or maybe we should cum?”

To read part 5 CLICK HERE

We try not to always have sex, I feel I just need to clear the air because I am sure that most of you are already having that idea that we always do at the back of your minds. But then again, you read this just because of our fabulous sex life so why would I be stingy as not to share with you right?  Remember I told you how we got naughty the last time but controlled things because of the celibacy agreement we had? We broke it! We did it again. Sigh, don’t blame me. Before you do, you can read how we tried not to have sex HERE and just did other things.

Now to that breaking of the celibacy, we tried. Trust me when I said we did. It just wasn’t our fault, having read that last episode I told you to read and the things we did not to do it, wouldn’t you give us credit for trying? But I know that is now what you are here for so let me get to the story of how we broke the celibacy.

I had had a very terrible day and I needed a little bit of sugar to spice it up so I called my best friend whom you know by now is now my boyfriend to come cheer me up. He just got a new car so I asked if we could take a drive around school a bit as I needed to clear my head and be in the company of someone I loved.  We drove around school and for some bizzare reason, I made him park at a very dark spot around the residential quarters. It seemed like fate was also on our side to break our celibacy vows because there was power outage and everywhere was dark. We spoke for a while about everything and anything and then the demon in me started undressing.

One minute we were talking, the next I was unbuttoning the loose fitting shirt which I had thrown over a bum shorts. He didn’t ask what I was doing, it was like he had been expecting it as his eyes turned dark and he asked me to move to the back seat. I was not fully in the back seat when he dragged me to him and started kissing me, it was like his hands were everywhere as he caressed me hungrily.  I kissed him back with a fiery passion, feeling myself drowning in the sea of passion.

He tore my bra open and went straight for my nipples while I squirmed in painful pleasure. The celibacy had left us both like hungry lions and at that moment I knew our celibacy was over. He was flicking his tongue over my nipple in a way that was driving me so insane that I found myself grabbing at his trousers and my hands shook with excitement as I unbuckled his belt. His dick sprang free from its confine, standing proud and ready and he wasted no time as he positioned himself and slammed straight into me. It was like we had not both had sex for centuries with the way he pounded with a reckless fury and I matched his frenzy, thrust for thrust making sure that every stroke was met with as much vigour.

It was not a gentle love making but a hard, fast paced action that had us both panting exhaustively but we were ready to ride the waves till we crashed and in the usual manner, his thrust got even faster than they were when he was beginning to get close. He thrust in deeper as if he wanted to split me into two and I was only two willing to take it despite that the backseat was not very comfortable. I felt that shudder when his orgasm came as he thrust deeply into me and for all I was worth, I made sure my vagina lips milked him of all that he was giving up so that at last he collapsed spent on the driver’s seat while I collapsed at the back seat, waiting to catch my breath and getting ready for the next wave that I knew was sure to come.

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