Soaking Dirty For Him (18+)

black love penastory

For some time now my sex life with my husband has been a little boring, it was the usual routine of we kissed, he got erect and we went right down to my business and this was really affecting me. I needed something a little bit more than this, what it was I didn’t know but I knew I wanted the sex to be something to look forward to. In my bid to spice up our sex life, I decided to ask my friend Bunmi what I could do to make things a little better with my husband. Then Bunmi gave me the perfect idea, to do something that we didn’t do on the usual. Being a shy person, my husband usually liked that we have sex in the dark and that was another issue that was bothering me. I wanted to see his face in the heat of passion, I wanted to see him pounding into me, I wanted to not just hear his moans and grunts. What I am trying to say is that I wanted to be treated like a whore so I took Bunmi advice.

My husband was preparing for bed and whistling in the bathroom when I quickly stripped out of my own clothes and walked stark naked into the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked, covering his manhood and I cocked my eyebrow at him in question.

“What does it look like I am doing? I am having a bath with my husband of course. It’s not like what you are covering is not mine.”  He got out of the shower quickly and stood watching me as I reached unconcerned for the bar of soap that he had dropped in the bath in his haste to get out. Now I am a very well-endowed person and I made sure that as I bent over, my firm ass rose up well enough in the air to give him a good view of my naked backside which was glistening with water and instead of coming back up, I began to soap my leg.

“What is the meaning of this?” I looked at him with a look of feigned surprise as I saw that he was still standing there covering his manhood which he was now covering with his two hands instead of one. Apparently, his penis was getting excited at seeing my voluptuous backside and my firm breasts jutting downwards in my bent over state.

“Will you pass me that shower cap by your side?” I said, pretending not to have heard his question and pointing at my shower cap that was just by one of the taps where he was standing. He stood there unsure of what to do, I saw the confusion on his face as he debated whether he should release his dick and expose that he was getting excited at seeing me naked or simply walk out of the bathroom.

My hand moved from my legs and I straightened to begin soaping my taut stomach which even after two children was still flat and free of stretchmark. His eyes followed the movement of my hand and I saw a peek of flesh as his penis which was growing hard pushed against his hand.  I knew I had to do something quickly before before he walked out of the bathroom and I would have succeeded in making an utter fool of myself

“You are not the one that is going to mop that floor you know,” I said, indicating to the water that was dripping from his wet body to form a puddle on the floor. “You might as well come here and help me soap my back, my hand can’t reach far enough.” As I said this, I straightened and began to rub my breasts with the bar of soap in a quick movement.  When I had lathered my breasts with soap, I began to rub in soft kneading movements with my eyes closed.

“This feels good you know, you should come join me as well.” I didn’t need to open my eyes to suddenly feel his presence beside me as he enveloped me in a hug from behind, his hands pushing away mine in a gentle manner as he took over from me and began to rub the soap himself. I leaned back into him so that I could feel his hard dick which was prodding my ass and laughed as I reached out for it.

“What is this,” I said playfully, rubbing my thumb over the cap of his dick. His response was a squeeze of my ass and he bit my ears playfully, causing me to squeal excitedly. He had just hit one of my spots and he must have noticed the way I reacted to the gentle nip because his mouth found my ear and he poked his tongue inside in a licking movement. My moan was a sexual one and my grip on his fully erect dick went firmer. His fingers found my nipples and he pinched, it was a bit painful because they were now hard and aching for his touch but I didn’t mind the slight pain because of the things his tongue was doing in my ears. I curled my toes, as my hand went up and down on his shaft.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he whispered thickly but I shook my head and instead turned to face him.

“The bedroom is boring, let’s do it here.”

“Have you been watching porn?” he said and I laughed at the shocked expression on his face.

“How does having sex with my husband have to do with porn?” I was a bit embarrassed now and I tried to disengage from him, my bravado deserting me but his hold on me tightened as I tried to step out of the bath so that I could leave the bathroom.

“I didn’t say it was a bad idea if you have been watching porn. Do you know how many times I have wanted to do certain things to you but always been too afraid that you would be offended?” I searched his face to make sure that he was not joking and when I saw no hint of a lie there, I laughed and replied,

“I am your wife, treat me like your whore,” his look wasn’t so shocked this time around as he slapped my ass cheeks playfully and squeezed.  Our lips found themselves of their own accord and it was long, wet kiss punctuated by brief parting and rejoining. His hand slid down my back and the water made his movement slick as he rubbed my back with some of the soap acting as lubrication. His hand trailed the smoothness of my back and went down to my buttocks which he cupped again, the fleshy cheeks a good handful in his hands all the while our lips were locked together. I pulled back and directed his head towards my nipples. They were very hard and craving to have their own sucking. I sighed as his mouth closed around one of my nipples and he began licking and biting lightly. How I have longed for this day badly and his hand left my ass cheek to play with the pubic hair that was surrounding my moist vagina. He didn’t slip his finger in or anything, instead, he rubbed the entrance in slow circular movements. It was as if he was a beast circling his prey before the attack and I moaned as my pubes began to get wet from what I knew wasn’t the shower water.  Where had all this been before all the while that we had been married? I grunted and tried to keep steady and he repeated his earlier statement,

“We really should go to the bedroom for more comfort, I don’t want you slipping or anything.” In reply I took his fingers and ran it through my bumper crop. I was aching to feel his heavy tool inside of me but I knew that we were only going to end up doing the same things we did once we entered the bedroom so the bathroom was good enough.

I couldn’t take any of the torture anymore and I went down and took his raging member in my mouth. He didn’t waste any time at all as his hand found my now very wet head and guided it up and down on his disco stick.  My head bobbed faster and faster as I sucked, trying to take in as much of him in my mouth as I could and this time it was his time to moan as he urged me on. His moans began to get loud and I was afraid he was going to nut in my mouth and having never taken jism drinks before, I decided to hold off on that for the time being.

“Fuck me,” I said in a voice that sounded very alien to me. As I rose up again, he took my hips in his hands and slammed into me in one quick stroke. We were facing each other as he slammed into me, each stroke seemingly harder than the last while my breasts bounced on my chests in tune to the rhythm of the dance. He then pulled me out of the bath so that we were standing in more open space and he rolled me over. Quickly adapting, I went on all hands and knees, I didn’t need to be told that he wanted to do some doggy. He grabbed two handfuls of meaty hip which made doggy with women with big butt all the more fun. He paused a moment and slapped his dick on my ass, he teased the opening with his cock head and then began to push his erect member back into me. Like a man sucking on a pipe, I took it in and began to move my ass on, I liked the way his cock filled me and I did not care I was on the bathroom floor with my husband crashing into me from behind, his hands digging into my side. With each thrust, my breasts continued to dance on my chest and I felt my climax begin to build. He must have been getting close too because he started smacking my ass as he smashed into me and thrusting deeper than I had thought possible. The rocking motion soon pushed me over the edge and I found myself screaming as he slipped out of me as well and unloaded his cum over me. A hot stream of hot cum shooting and splattering all over my back till it died down to subsequent dribbles and we looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

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