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At some point, we all come to that age where every young man around you is a suspect. This is the time of your life where you feel like escaping to an unknown place due to pressure from family, church, friends, enemies and even yourself. I call the last, internal pressure. Come to think of it; apart from bearing children, why do people really disturb about getting married? They want to see your wedding, they want to eat rice, your family likes the feel of wedding ceremonies, the busyness, and the prestige and for lasties like me, the pride of ‘my last born is married.’

Ok! Fine, it makes us all excited but when people pressure others, doesn’t it make them take rash decisions? Don’t we care about the marriage itself? Are all the unnecessary deadlines really worth it? Can’t we see the products of our pressure in previous years and make a change? Things are not getting any better, people can’t stay committed to even a job or church not to talk of marriage?

Personally, I’m scared. YES! I am not ashamed to say it. This fear didn’t fly into me. It came as a result of what I see happening around me. I have seen, heard, discovered, uncovered the way some married people act and I am tempted to ask, ‘WHY DID YOU TWO GET MARRIED?’ There is no friendship, nothing to envy/emulate, a lot of coldness and these same people ginger you to get married.

I feel the pressure too, especially in these times without a job but this doesn’t cause me to lose sight of how serious marriage is. Talks here and there about marrying early and biological clocks but I have come to understand that God doesn’t function with biological clocks. This is evident in the fact that young girls could marry without a child for years while matured ladies marry and get done with child birth. My mates are getting married in big ways. Cool! It is like I should screen on the basis of the size of wedding you can give me. But, is that all there is to it? It’s beautiful to having ecstatic memories but did I have the future in mind? What if God decides to wrap my gold in newspaper and Satan wraps a can of worms in a colored gift box? Will I be insensitive enough to throw away gold simply because I need to show people the beautiful casing while I go home to ask for special grace to deal with the worms? Or will I obey and trust God enough to happily accept His gift knowing that nobody could give me any better? My husband is mine, not the world. I should be able to select based on my preferences than what every other person prefers because at the end of the day, I will be the one to suffer or enjoy it. I believe in friendships first before any other kind of ship sails by. So nobody should pop up from nowhere to ask for a relationship. Even if na message you come so, oga, you go follow some due process.

Well, deep within, I believe God is working in me. There is a lot to be sorted out as far as I am concerned. I cannot stop the pressure from coming as the days go by, I can control the outcome/response/reaction that I exhibit towards the pressure cookers. I choose not to let the pressure get to me. I choose not to let the pressure affect my judgment. I choose not to be moody. I choose to be happy for others when their time comes knowing that if my neighbor is blessed, it means God is my neighborhood. I choose to wait and be chaste-spirit, soul and body. I choose God. #Godoverall#

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2 Responses to The Pressure Of Getting Married – FAYTE

  1. nifesimi says:

    nothing but the Truth..nice piece


  2. Kent says:

    Love this. Thumb up


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