Tricked! The Lesbian Party Experience – Part 2

lesbian party penastory

Excerpt from Part 1

One of the security men opened the gate for us after speaking to whoever it was that Gbade dialed on his cellphone to speak to and soon we were driving into a big compound. That was when my adventures for the night began as Gbade parked the car and with a gleeful expression on his face said, “welcome to a lesbian party boyfriend, better behave, I hear say these girls can fight more than boys. We are two gay boys attending so follow my lead and we would get access to some free boobs and toy with some good pussy so long as they think we are queer…” To read Part 1, CLICK HERE

The ‘man’ that opened the gate had a funny walk to his steps and it was not until I got down from the car that realized I was staring at a girl dressed like a man. Boy, was I speechless; she had on a pair of baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt with a red bandanna tied over her low-cut hair. What was this that I had gotten myself into? I wasn’t even sure if I was looking at a male or female. The surprise must have been so evident on my face because she looked at me and in what I cannot even begin to call a feminine voice, she growled,

“You miss road? Abi wetin you dey look so?” The mean look on her face made me recoil as if I she had physically struck me and I found myself stumbling into Gbade who was just coming to meet up with me after parking the car. His hands went around me and he held my waist, smiling sweetly at the creature in front of me,

“I am sorry on behalf of my bae’s. You know all this omo mummy, he has never been to a party before. How you dey?” I watched with more controlled emotions as Gbade and the girl shook hands and she offered him a cigarette which he declined inclining his head towards me.

“He doesn’t really like me smoking.” That much was true and with a playful punch on the girl’s shouldr, he took my hand and led me away. Gbade took me to a corner of the compound and between clenched teeth, hissed at me.

“I have told you, we are at a lesbian’s party, stop acting so fucking retarded. Just go along with their game. They won’t mind you touching them anyhow you want when the dancing begins since they believe you are not excited by any of their body parts. Just follow my lead, there are some cool chicks here, that one you saw is just one of the obvious one.”

“Have you been to one of these before?” I asked, staring daggers at him.

“Listen up Femi, I got the info from one of my paddies and I don’t care if these girls dig each other all I care about is that there is going to be loads of boobs and booties swinging around the place. We are allowed in because they think we are gay so you better start acting the part if you don’t want to get your head smashed. We are here already, relax and have some damn fun, just don’t come off as too straight.”

I nodded meekly and took another look at the girl who was now bouncing her way back into the house where I could hear the sound of music blasting. From behind, it was hard to tell if she was a guy or girl and the hint of muscles only gave her the look of one who could hold her own in a fight with a guy. Gbade took my hand like a man would hold his wife and together we trailed after her into the house.

The smell of alcohol and smoke hit my nostrils and for a minute, I stood rooted to the spot as I took in the party scene. The room was majorly occupied with girls, I quickly discerned that they didn’t all look like the other one that had come to open the gate as there were quite some normal girls prancing around in high heels and looking all girly. It only looked like the ones that were not so feminine were simply the men in their sexuality and for some weird reason I wondered what a punch from one of them would feel like.

I didn’t need to be told that Gbade was here for the everyday girls who looked quite stunning I must confess. In their tight leggings, mini-skirts, revealing tops and sheer outfits, they could easily pass for models and I wondered how these girls who could easily fit into any guy’s wet dreams could be playing on the same team. As my eyes began to get accustomed to the neon lights of the room, I began to pick out the random guys in the room, they were apparently the gay guys Gbade had said we would be imitating and I tried not to let my disgust show as we passed a couple tonguing on a chair while a girl shook her ass in rhythm to Beyonce and Shakira’s Beautiful Liar. How could they be oblivious to all of that goodness and be so into themselves I wondered and found myself gripping Gbade’s hands tighter.

Just then someone announced that there was going to be a dance performance and I watched as two girls came into the center of the room. I stared in stupefaction as they began to grind against one another and shook their boobs and asses to the leering audience. Just then a guy dressed in what looked like a fishnet and tank top sashayed to join them and before I knew it, Gbade was leaving me to join them as well.  I didn’t know whether to be amused or horrified as I saw Gbade rock the guy the same way he would rock a girl before he moved on to one of the girls and began drumming on her ass. The audience went mad with excitement as they cheered him on and she spread her legs apart as she began to shake it to Timaya’s “Bum Bum” Gbade’s hand following every shake of her ass.

“Your boyfriend is a good dancer though,” the girl we had sat beside said to me with glee on her face and I was about to say he was not my boyfriend when I quickly bit down on my tongue to prevent myself from saying something stupid.

“Like I know right, leaving me here all alone.”

“Aww,” she purred in a sexy drawl and poured me a drink from the glass in front of her. I took the drink from her hand and just as she handed it to me, I moved forward so that some of its content spilled on her boobs.

“I am so sorry,” I said, brushing her boobs in an apologetic manner while she laughed and said it didn’t matter. This wasn’t such a bad idea after all, I thought to myself as my hands went back and forth on her boobs in my feigned attempt to dry her,

“Thanks.” She stood up and indicated I stand which I did with confusion on my face. Had she caught me already? Had I been so obvious? She slowly sank into me even as I heard the song change to a slow love song. It was obvious she was half drunk and she began to dance against me, her body fully pressed against mine. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was with this girl having her breasts pressed firmly against my chest with her arms around me without a concern in the world. Slowly my hands went around her as I began to move with her.

Just then, one of the gay guys walked past us and as he made to pass in a whiff of smoke, he tapped my butt. My first reaction was to slap him in disgust but instead I found myself biting my tongue yet again. He must have liked what he touched because he paused and leaned into me, whispering in my ear,

“Seems your boyfriend abandoned you, why not let daddy take care of you?” I pushed him aside and barked, “get off you disgusting piece of shit!” My voice a little too loud and some heads turned to look at us. My dancing girl companion only laughed in her half-drunk state and disentangled herself from me, sinking back into the chair she had just vacated to take another swig of her alcohol. I plopped down into the seat beside her just as a pretty fair complexioned girl walked up to us and beckoned I come with her.

“That guy there is your boyfriend right?” She asked tilting her head in the direction of Gbade who was dancing his life away. I didn’t know what to say, was I to say yes or was I to say no?

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