Naturally Wild (18+)

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As much as I love my boyfriend, I think I sometimes hate his spontaneity and making decisions concerning us without consulting me first. There was this particular trip he signed us up for, a couples’ camping trip his department was organizing and as romantic as that sounds, I was quite peeved that he didn’t ask me before registering us. Not going would have meant that his money went to waste and at the same time, going meant that I had to concede to being led around like a docile lamb. My solution was to give him the cold shoulder treatment but that was until things turned hot.

I refused to talk to him the entire bus trip, nodding my head to his questions and going back to staring out the window. In truth I am a lover of the outdoors, I planned on having fun but I wasn’t about to give him the pleasure of thinking that he could just make decisions without me. That is what girls do right? You love something and then act like you don’t? He soon gave up on trying to draw me out of my sullen mood and while other couples chattered excitedly around us, we both sat down like two silent bulls, stealing peeks at each other and trying to act like the other did not exist.

Immediately we got to our destination, I began to take selfies on my phone and also taking photos of the beautiful scenery. I would refrain from telling you the exact location of the camping trip just so I don’t give out too much information. He had apparently thought that I would be tired of my games by now and he was getting visibly upset but I kept on ignoring him.  The first night of the trip was for unwinding and settling in and allowing everyone to get acquainted and make new friends. As each couple set up their tents, they began to mix up except for us because I refused to help him, instead, sitting on a pile of wood that was mean’t for bonfire later that night. My silent treatment went on until dinner time when we gathered round the campfire to eat our meal of roasted fish and chicken. I can’t quite recall but someone soon suggested we played a game instead of retiring to bed as was on the schedule and we all agreed. You can easily guess, it was the none other than Truth Or Dare.

Someone soon asked him why we had been silent and he was forced to tell the gathering how he had offended me. Everybody laughed and asked me to forgive him and I was forced to smile. Then it happened, a tall girl that had been studying me the entire time dared that I spend twenty-five minutes in solitary confinement and I grudgingly agreed. We went back into our tent and he tried to embrace me but I brushed him off. He had however reached his limit of being ignored all day and he drew me back with a gentle force, nuzzling my face playfully. I stood like a rock and allowed him while willing my treacherous body not to betray me as I started feeling sensations. He must have felt my sudden discomfort because he went outside to talk to the camp coordinator.

When he came back, he zipped up the tent and went to his luggage where he brought out two of his ties. I grew suspicious but kept up my facade and acted like I was still angry. He asked if I was still angry and there was a fire in his eyes that felt like I was being scorched. I wanted to talk but I couldn’t. He then took my hands gently and in his and tied them together after which he blindfolded my eyes. He started kissing my ears and kept pleading with me not to be angry but I kept my mouth shut, calling on my self restraint not to allow him bribe me with make up sex. But he wasn’t fooled, that I had allowed him tie my hands and blindfold me was enough prove that I was craving for him. My voice was a feeble protest as he unzipped my dress and removed it from my body. I felt a rush of fresh air hit my exposed skin but his hot mouth soon seemed to be everywhere as he kissed me fervently, his mouth moving around the length of my exposed skin. There was no apologies as his mouth found my love nest and he started feasting on my nectar. I squirmed and tried to keep quiet but that soon seemed impossible as his tongue was soon joined by a probing finger and I found myself panting and whimpering. Suddenly it didn’t matter whether I was making a lot of noise, All that mattered was the heat burning within me as his tongue and finger did their wonder. I soon found myself going over the edge and my cum squirted, he continued to lick me till I was totally dry and limp.

When I was totally spent, he started pleading with me again to quit ignoring him and I found myself saying, “Baby, I’m no longer angry. Don’t do that again. Just make love to me” He needed no further prompting as the next thing I felt was someone getting me into the doggy position and till date I am sure, my yell as he slammed into me must have been heard from miles away. He covered my mouth and began to ride me hard and fast, pounding even as I kept screaming, each thrust a painful pleasure. It was like he was trying to punish me for earlier and knew this was the only time he had the power. I tried to match up, bouncing my ass so that I met his raging shaft as it made to slam into me but I was never fast enough and each penetration seemed harder than the last.

He soon changed positions so that I was on top and he commanded in a gruff voice that I start bouncing. I rode him like he was my ticket to freedom. Riding like I was bouncing for my life as I went up and down his dick, impaling myself on the unforgiving rod each time. It had never been this hard before and I was liking how Mother Nature had turned us this wild. I felt the sweat dripping down my face and the slap-slap sound only made me quicken my pace. I felt my climax building up again and he must have felt it too because his hand went around me and he began to slam me on his dick by himself, thrusting in long and deep. I screamed out in ecstasy as the pleasures took over me and he pounded roughly too so that he was not far behind me and released his seed into me. He untied the blindfold then and smiled at me sheepishly, “Your screams would have everyone knowing what we have been up to!” I got up from his dick and together we went to peep outside but all that greeted us was the dying flames of the campfire, apparently everyone had taken a cue from as sounds soon started coming from some of the other tents around us.

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7 Responses to Naturally Wild (18+)

  1. Hunter says:

    moral of the story? Always wear pink undies to camp


  2. Kondo says:

    Your ego will rape you one day and get you pregnant and your boyfriend will dump you afterwards


  3. Bolt says:

    This def fickled my fantasy


  4. Ramsey Bimbola Gold says:

    Now that’s some sweet distraction…


  5. Swko2 says:

    Reblogged this on swko2 and commented:
    Damm hot


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