Now That You Are Here – Episode Two (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt From Episode 1: 

He stared at her sheepishly, the guilt written all over his face, his hands paused with a spoon of rice and dodo in his hands. He dropped the spoon and bowed his head slightly. There was silence in the room. “Why Gbade? Why?” He reached for her but she moved back before dropping the phone and headed towards the door. “Dammy…wait. Hear me out. Please!”

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He reached her just as she was about to open the door. He grabbed her and enveloped her in a hug from behind. She allowed herself sag into him weakly. The fight was already drained out of her even before it started.

“I am sorry Dammy, really sorry.” His voice came in a hoarse whisper in her ear and she fought to control the tears that had pooled in her eyes. The past two years had seen her warding off different men; the attractive, the ugly, the rich, even the damn poor who wanted her to do surulere with them. Her entire existence had been for him and it hurt her badly to realise they had apparently not been on the same page.

“How long has this been going on? Are there others I should know about? ” Her voice was calm, stronger than she felt. She disengaged herself from his embrace and turned to face him. She swept her unruly hair from her face and stared at him, the tears hanging there, like a dark cloud threatening to spill its content.

“I tried Dammy, I really did. I held on for so long, a whole year I had control of myself. Then one morning it was just as if something took over me,” his voice was subdued and defeated. She felt a morbid sense of pleasure knowing he was feeling a bit of pain too.

He continued, “It was about a year after I got to America, Mirabel, that is her name wouldn’t take no for an answer. My body was in cohort with her and before I knew it, Mirabel happened. She has been the only one. I swear she means nothing to me. You are the one I love, when I think of my future, I see it with you not with her. Please Dammy I know I have messed up but don’t let us destroy what we have. I love you. You are my life, please!”


She sat on the couch with her legs tucked under her, pretending to read the book she was holding while Whitney Houston’s Where Do Broken Hearts Go? played slowly from her headset. She had gone through ninety-four love songs on her phone already. Each artiste seemed to mirror her pain with every lyric. She felt as depressed and moody as the artistes must have been when they wrote the songs. She looked up as Gbade walked into the room in nothing but his briefs. He looks so handsome, the devil, she thought. She shook her head as if to dispel the thought and tried to force her concentration back on her novel.  Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball started just then and she sneaked another peek at him, using her book to cover her eyes. He was watching her. She quickly lowered her eyes and adjusted uncomfortably on the couch, unfolding her legs. Her breath caught in her throat when she sensed rather than saw him approach. The coolness of his hand resting on her bare thighs made her cringe. She was wearing a bum short with an oversized shirt which left most of her lower body exposed. Removing her reading glasses, she stared at him questioningly? He was squatting in front of her with a puppy look on his face. She could tell the past two days had been rough for him as well.

“Is this the end Dammy? You have barely talked to me since I arrived. I can’t continue to see you like this and know I am the cause of your pain, if you want…” emotions made him choke on his words and she felt a twinge of pity. Gbade wasn’t the type that talked much, she was the talkative. He was too shy and reserved. She knew it must be very hard for him, trying to express himself. He looked adorable just staring at her with that look of devotion on his face. Without another word, she pulled him up and kissed him fully on the lips.

“It’s alright baby, we will be alright so long as you let her go and come back to me where you belong.”

He hugged her and whispered, “I belong only to you Tangy baby.” She smiled then. He had called her by the pet name he gave her before he left Nigeria.


Dammy was panting as if she had just run three miles none stop as she thrashed under Gbade. His tongue was flicking in and out of her ear, two years and he still knew the right places to touch her. He had not forgotten that her ear was one of her erogenous spots. She whimpered as his hands fondled her left breasts gently. His assault on her ear didn’t stop as he expertly unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. It had been so long, a long time of waiting and dreaming for his touch. She was a woman in heat and she arched her back in ecstasy when his finger flicked over her nipple. He paused for a second and grinned at her.

Unabashed, she flashed a smile at him, “It’s been two years damn it! Get along with your duty soldier.”

He didn’t need another urging, he bent his head and his mouth found her exposed breasts, his tongue sucking on her already hard nipple. She moaned in pleasure, it felt so good to finally have another human touch her the way she liked to be touched. The wait had been worth it, she couldn’t imagine this pleasure with any other man. She reached out and grabbed his shoulder tracing the contours of his manliness. Her fingers ran down his back and traced his back before finding their way to his chest. Her fingers continued their exploration as she moved her hands slowly down from his chest to his stomach, till she came to where his public hair started from before her hand disappeared into his briefs. He moaned against her breasts, exhaling heat that turned her on even more. She couldn’t hold back anymore, she squeezed his pulsing manhood and felt its power.  The rock hard rigidness of the pulsing penis excited her and she moaned in approval.

Just then, a phone shrilled shattering the intimacy of the moment. She opened her eyes with a frown, it was Gbade’s phone. Her eyes went to the wall clock, who could be calling him at 11:34pm? He gave her a quick kiss on the lips before rolling away to the dresser to pick up the phone. Mumbling incoherently, she stood up and leaned over his shoulders to nibble on his ear. She paused as she caught a glimpse of the caller id just as he pressed the green button. Mirabel!

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  2. Nyicia says:

    Very interesting – its unfortunate that the story rings a bell -at least episode one and two that iv read. Keep it up and roll out d series please


  3. Nyicia says:

    Great story. When is the new episode coming up?


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