Drunk And Giddy With The Stranger (18+)

Image Credit: Clutchmagonline.com

Image Credit: Clutchmagonline.com

As each passing day goes by, love becomes harder to find while cheap sex seems to be easier to come by. I am a sucker for love and never been the one night stand type or so I thought until that night when I found myself, a pretty young woman in her early twenties, nursing a drink by the bar and musing about the sterility of my life. I have been single for a while and I was feeling so damn lonely. My last boyfriend was ages ago not because I didn’t get propositioned but simply because I was on the lookout for something deeper than the heated throes of passion and the whimpering and moans that came with passionate sex which ultimately leaves you empty after you have satiated the hunger. The decision to remain celibate in my search for the right man wasn’t as easy as I had thought it would be and it was for this reason, I found myself in a bar, drinking away my loneliness and sorrow while trying to pretend that the people around me did not exist.

I needed a change; a break from the norm which was now my boring life. I wanted something real or so I thought. I was on my fifth glass of whatever it was I was ordering from the bartender when a guy came to sit beside me. “Scotch on the rocks please,” his voice had a roughness to it that piqued my interest and I turned in my seat to look at him. His tie was hanging loosely around his neck while his shirt was already untucked from the grey trousers he was wearing. I watched him throw back his drink and drop the glass on the table, signaling to the bartender to refill his glass. Here was someone whose life probably sucked just as much as mine, I found myself thinking.

I took another sip of my drink and was about to avert my eyes before I was caught staring when he turned and said, “Hello pretty.” Usually, I would have found that line very cheesy but the combination of loneliness and alcohol had me turning on my most flirtatious smile. “Hi the man with the terrible day.” He laughed heartily, “I look that bad huh?” He didn’t wait for a reply as he emptied his third glass and closed his eyes as the liquid went down his throat. “The drinking gave it away,” I replied with a shrug and took a swig of my own drink.

“Life can be so brutal, just keeps fucking everything in its path,”

“Tell me about it,” I replied dryly, staring at him fully. Asides the obvious dishevelment, he looked handsome with the kind of full lips I would have fantasized about during one of my horny moments the way he sat, as if struggling not to be defeated by whatever troubles weighing him down made me feel a sense of kinship with him. Here was someone whose life sucked just as mine if not more.

“I am sure you wouldn’t want to be bored with my troubles. I am fucked, that is all I know.” I decided then I liked the way he was pronouncing fuck, it had a sort of appeal that tingled my senses.

“Fucked? You haven’t been fucked yet hun. Look at you, still fully clothed, who the hell fucks with their clothes on?” I teased, warming up to him. He laughed again in that hearty voice and I suddenly found myself thinking of him laughing against my body. Was I that drunk to be fantasying about a stranger?

“There are different types of fucks. There are some that has to be so fast and runs you over that you barely have time to get your clothes off.” He replied back and I found myself laughing.

“Well, what kind of fuck fucked you?”

“The kind that leaves you breathless and gasping for air. The fuck you want to run away from but can’t seem to.” I decided then that I liked him. His sense of humour matched mine and whether it was the alcohol or the loneliness, I found myself telling this stranger about all the guys that have jilted me in times past while he in turn told me of his girlfriend who he had just learnt was pregnant for his brother.

“Now that’s a master fuck,” I said, as the bartender refilled our glasses. I hugged him as I didn’t even know what to say to his revelation. My hormones were tingled as I smelt him. He smelled of old spice and reeked of masculinity. I found myself hugging him longer than I should have while he wrapped his arms around me and we remained like that, two drunk souls, locked in a wordless embrace.

“Let’s get out of here?”

“Yeah, I should be going home. I have work tomorrow.” I slurred and tried to stand and found I was unsteady on my feet.

“I will take you home,” he said.

“You are as drunk as I am,” I said with a laugh, leaning into him.

“Better two drunk people than one.” Hand in hand, we left the bar, laughing and making fun of people as we walked to my house. I was happier than I have ever felt in ages in the company of this stranger and when we got to my door, I suddenly realized I didn’t want him to leave.

“I guess this is where I find my way back home,” I fumbled in my purse for my keys and turned to him.

“Thanks for making me forget about my sorrows but the fun doesn’t have to end you know”. He looked at me, unsure whether to be shocked that I was inviting him inside.

“Well I’m on the pill and I don’t have any sexual diseases.” I said and turned back to battle with the door which was refusing to accept my keys. I dropped the keys in anger and as I bent to pick it up, we bumped heads and started laughing drunkenly again.

“I guess I could stay a bit,” he said scooping the keys from the floor and inserting the one I indicated to him into the lock. Immediately the door closed behind us, he grabbed me from behind and kissed me hungrily. My hands tore at his shirt as I struggled to get him out of his clothes.  He lifted me off my feet without breaking the kiss, using one hand to support my back while the other crushed me to him as our tongues engaged in their fierce battle. His mouth left mine and he kissed my neck, biting gently and I found myself moaning like a thirteen year old having her first orgasm.

He walked towards the living room couch and deposited me there gently, shrugging out of his shirt which I had managed to pop most of its buttons in my haste. His palms found my breasts and he splayed both on each breast, giving a gentle squeeze. I had not bothered with a bra and his eyes showed excitement as he felt the heat pulsating from my boobs through the thin fabric of my blouse. I raised my hand to give him easier access to remove my blouse. He divided his attention between my two boobs, his hands kneading and squeezing, tweaking and rubbing. I was almost weeping from the pleasure I was feeling. As his hands played excitedly with my boobs like a kid with a new toy, he continued kissing me everywhere his mouth could touch.   His hot mouth finally descended on one of my nipples, he made a sound similar to that one would make when they just tasted a delicious morsel of food. I arched my back in response to show I was enjoying every bit of the pleasure.

He then proceeded to spread my thighs apart, diving under my skirt to lap at my bud through the flimsy excuse of a panty I was wearing. He pushed my skirt up my thighs and with a finger drew my soaked panties aside. His finger slipped into my core and I jumped back as if suddenly burned. I needed to feel him too. I stood up and pulled him up with me, grabbing at his trousers to unbuckle his belt. My movements were clumsy but he let me have my way as I pushed down his trouser and closed my hands around his large penis. It felt heavy and hot in my hand and I smiled as if I had just been handed a grand prize.

“Fuck me, it’s been long.” I said in a drunk voice. He sat on the couch and pulled me down on his dick, impaling me on his rod and I suddenly felt filled. I felt a mix of pain and pleasure as it felt like he was stretching me to my limits but I was too drunk to care. I had been celibate for too long and it felt good to let loose this night.

“Ride that dick like you really need it,” he commanded and I began to bounce on it even as he began to thrust fiercely into me. I felt out of breath but kept on riding as if my life depended on it. I was moaning and groaning loudly enough for the neighbours to have heard us but at that moment I didn’t care. All I was concerned about was this huge penis that felt like it was tearing my insides and bringing me sensations that felt alien yet desirable.

My pussy was leaking wet and the sloppy sound of me hitting myself on his dick only hastened my pace. He suddenly turned me around and raised one of my legs up before jamming his dick back into me. He held my waist for more effect and I felt like I was going to break and found myself crying out as I felt my orgasm hit me. He wasn’t far behind as with a few more thrust, I felt his hot liquid gush into my love canal and I closed my legs tightly around his dick till he was completely milked.

“I have never had sex that awesome,” he said as I stood up and went over to the window to see if there was any aggrieved neighbor. Satisfied that nobody seemed to be listening, I replied,

“You said?”

“I think we should do this more often?” My answer was to go down on him and begin to suck his limp dick as I prepared to get him ready for another round of action.

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