My First Night With A Unilag Babe Part 1

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

Hmmm! My dearest P.M. One babe I probably would never  get over for life. I swear she was different from the regular kind of Unilag babe. I probably would have fallen if she told him she was from Covenant or Babcock University but no, she was a Unilag fresher studying History and Strategic Studies. Like 80% of all Faculty of Arts students, she was a failed lawyer and only settled for History after giving up on her third attempt to study law.

I remember how we met, the memories still fresh as if it was just yesterday. It was a Tuesday evening, I was in a rush having kept a friend waiting at the quadrangle for nearly two hours. He called to tell me he was leaving, his anger evident. Hurriedly I packed my books and made a mad dash down the stairs from the last floor of the building where I was reading. At this point, you are expecting me to say I met her when I bumped into her as I ran down the stairs but sorry to break your heart, it didn’t happen that way. We met at the quadrangle, she was sited quietly at the quadrangle, right opposite my friend.

“Baba na wa for you oooo, you no try at all. Ahahan, since morning!” In truth, I had forgotten I made an appointment with him but of course I couldn’t tell him that so I simply apologized. I was to help him with radio and online publicity for his new brand and as he gave details, I could only hear his voice coming through to me faintly, all I kept answering was a continuous “OK” while staring lustfully at the gem sitting across from us. She was easily the most naturally beautiful and decently dressed babe I have seen in a long while. I have for a while now stopped checking out Unilag girls; they all had begun to look alike with their Barbie doll looks of heavy makeup and the rags they call clothes which barely covered sensitive parts of their body. These silly girls have been the cause of my breaking my holy fast many a times. Abeg, how do you expect me to fast well with cleavages, exposed bum cracks and transparent tops and tight fitting pants staring me in the face from all corners.

I was impressed. No be person be dis? She was flawlessly gorgeous with no makeup on, her hair neatly packed to the back, and I repeat decently dressed. I would never have forgiven myself if I didn’t speak to her.

“Errmm, Hiiiiii…” I said with a stutter, literally shaking not only because I was skeptical of her response but because this was practically my first time of ever approaching a random girl all by myself without any of my brazen niggas.

“Hello!” She replied with a warm smile, looking up at me to acknowledge the greeting. God! If only I wasn’t this dark or I was just a little finer than Ramsey Noah or Kiss Daniel or even Dotun. Have you ever been in that situation when you meet someone really special and you just want to remake yourself and become super perfect for them? That was me at this moment but then again if you are good looking, you probably will never be able to relate to the struggles of the ugly clan. Her voice matched the sweetness of her face. As our eyes met, I froze. I mean I just went blank without knowing what to say next. Like I said earlier, I have never done this before. Every girl I have been with, was met either through school, a friend, church or someone but here I was, standing in front of a babe trying to make my first ever move.

“Are you okay?” Jesus!!! That voice again! If only she knew how much her sweet voice made me melt with each utterance she made.

“Yeah…sure…I am” I managed to quake out, my brain frantically trying to remember one of my roomies, Emma’s pickup lines. Should I try the “You look familiar,” line or did it sound better if I asked, “have I seen you before?” I didn’t process it well and found myself blurting out both. Oh crap! No, .not that one you dummy, a part of my brain that was still functioning screamed at me. How could I have used the lamest of them all? I mean this particular one is too cliché. But then like an Angel she smiled sensing my nervousness and said

“My name is B and you? It’s not that hard,” we laughed and that was the beginning of a relationship that brought about my first night with a Unilag babe at home alone exactly a month after.

To be continued…

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