What To Know Before You Break The Rules

breaking the rules penastory

“Knowledge is a deadly friend when no one sets the rules: the fate of all mankind I see are in the hands of fools.”

There is a thin line between craziness and liberty, it seems we face no greater enemy as freedom when it’s let loose. We are never more at risk than when we think we are free to do whatever we want. There is danger when we don’t ask why boundaries were set before we move them, disaster lurks when we find pleasure in the unnatural. 

It all boils down to choosing our leaders without knowing their values. I think it is a bigger problem when we stand for anything, hence we fall for everything because in truth it means we stand for nothing.

You get to determine and shape the fate of humanity day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute – by what you say, do, decide and allow. Get your values right, you are a leader we seek

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2 Responses to What To Know Before You Break The Rules

  1. Amicable says:

    I love your pen! Filled with good ink. kudos.


  2. Kazyhm says:

    pen more


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