My First Night With A Unilag Babe Part 2

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

Excerpt From Part 1

“Yeah…sure…I am” I managed to quake out, my brain frantically trying to remember one of my roomies, Emma’s pickup lines. Should I try the “You look familiar,” line or did it sound better if I asked, “have I seen you before?” I didn’t process it well and found myself blurting out both. Oh crap! No, .not that one you dummy, a part of my brain that was still functioning screamed at me. How could I have used the lamest of them all? I mean this particular one is too cliché. But then like an Angel she smiled sensing my nervousness and said

“My name is B and you? It’s not that hard,” we laughed and that was the beginning of a relationship that brought about my first night with a Unilag babe at home alone exactly a month after.

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It’s been three weeks and six days now that my dearest P.M and I started our friendship or should I say relationship. Tomorrow makes it a month and I am still damn confused as to what we really are. Truth be told, I don’t know where we stand and can’t begin to explain what we share. We practically do everything together: eating, long walks, constant talks, and everything else you can think of that makes two people close. At this point, I must say I agree with psychologists when they say being with someone constantly, twenty-four hours in a day triggers a sense of deep intimacy and longing.

I happen to be very selective which easily explains why I haven’t been in a relationship before. Whenever I meet a girl, I begin to check her against my list of must haves for me to take her seriously. The closer we get, the easier it is to tick the items on my list of requirements to consider a girl for the role of Mrs. Black. There was this one time a girl came close to wearing the crown but she was just one mark off the cutoff mark, she scored a woeful 9/10. I had to discard this particular babe because she failed to meet one of the most important requirements which is really of great concern to me and as a rule cannot be bent. It has to do with the ability of being able to make up your own mind. I mean what’s so hard in making your own decisions sometimes and not just accepting every and anything I say or ask you to do? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a girl shouldn’t be submissive but not to a fault nah! This particular babe was super fine with all my decisions to a fault.

“Babe, where should we go to this weekend?” Her response? “Anywhere you want us to go!” Like really? Alright then, “what should we eat?” and she goes “anything you eat or want us to eat.” So if I say we should eat shit or something you are allergic to, you would eat abi and say it’s for love? Mtschew! That’s a very crappy love.  I love my girls independent and smart with a sense of loyalty. She should question why I suggest or insist on some certain things but then again some babes overdo it. *Deep Long Suffering Sigh* you can’t just have it perfect, can you? So I thought till I met my P.M. She was different and as a matter of fact, she was too good to be true. Before I met her, I was gradually drifting away from God and no longer a regular visitor at His gatherings but then she came and changed my entire belief and made me see reasons why I had to continuously serve God in spirit and truth regardless of my shortcomings. Yes ke! This was the one I was probably gonna divorce my career for.

Anyways back to the matter at hand, this particular day, we were walking from the school’s main library to her hostel, Amina towards the main gate when she asked to come visit me. I was shocked, confused and in a state of dismay all at once. I couldn’t believe my super-duper church girl was asking to come over to my place at Bariga. She really wanted to visit the next day? For several minutes, I was too dumbfounded and we walked on in silence as my brain raced back and forth trying to think up why and when she had started harbouring the thought. Oh God! Oh sweet Lord Jesus, was she pretending all this while not to be the average Unilag babe? Or was this some sort of test to see if I would fall? Yes! That had to be it. That was it! She was putting me through a test to see if I was the average Unilag boy who is only about getting between her legs but then I was super ready for the challenge. The Yoruba angel in me  was so ready to prove to her my love for her was far more than the physical and I was in no hurry to eat the golden pudding I was sure going to eat for the rest of my life once she says the magical ‘I do.’

“Sure! What time tomorrow do you want to come?” I watched as her face lit up with mixed reactions. She wasn’t expecting me to agree? I was disappointed that she didn’t trust me enough for her to be considering putting me through this silly test.  But then as I sat at the window corner of the bus back home, I asked myself, come tomorrow, was I going to fail or pass the test?


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