And He Collapsed

and he collapsed

We stood in the middle of the room, still, the only part of our body moving being our hearts. Two lovers, locked in an abominable embrace. There was no need for words, the music of the beating of our hearts, the fearful dance of our eyes spoke of our fright. The second blow came crashing on the door rattling the teacups and saucers on the table which only moments ago, we had been sharing my father’s precious imported Italian coffee.

It was as if the whole house was suddenly alive with activities and movement. “They are in there, help me break down this door,” the voices came from the other side of the room. They were going to kill him if I didn’t do something, I had to. Slowly, I disengaged myself from him and went quickly to the window.

“What are you doing?” his voice was a fearful whisper as I flung open the window and stared into the darkness below. We were too high above for me to suggest that he take a leap.

“Do you trust me?” I asked earnestly, looking into his eyes to see if there was any sign of hesitation. He nodded, his face furrowed in confusion and fear.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I do,” his voice held a bit of more conviction this time around and with that I began my metamorphosis. The pain took over and I crashed to the ground as my wings fought to be set free. I cried out in pain as the wings sprouted from my skin and tore through my clothes before raising my bowed head to him. I stood slowly from the ground, half human, half bird.

“Take my hand and I will take us to safety,” I said with an outstretched hand and he collapsed.

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About Akinwale Poshkid

Lover of fiction and in a constant crave for junk food. I write to express and not to impress. Twitter and IG: @thatboyakinwale
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2 Responses to And He Collapsed

  1. Reloaded says:

    Lol. Is he not supposed to be a man? Hahaha.


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