Dog Eats Dog

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Bros life no be joke. Like play, life don turn to season film. E be like Vampire Diaries, problems no dey finish. Lol. Let’s begin, shall we?

I was running to school on a Saturday afternoon when on getting to Ring Road, I happened on a funny incident. A young beggar was chasing a finely dressed man relentlessly. The young child cried and begged for at least anything that could help her buy something for her dry throat. The man was in apparently no mood to give out money. The scenario looked funnier when the young girl clung unashamedly to the man’s trousers. The man tore her hold off his trousers like a louse off a dog’s ear and flung her to one edge of the slovenly road for pedestrians. The girl pursued him defiantly, I don’t know whether to say it was a strong conviction or a glimmer of hope but she knew that salvation for her rested in his pockets. The man threatened to hit the young girl, brandishing a fist menacingly at her if she dared come any closer. Some passersby urged the man to spare her money but the man looked at everyone with disdain. The other parliament of beggars stood aloof in despondence, wondering what kind of a man could be so finely dressed and not be kind enough to help the mendicants. In the glare of all, the man registered a slap on the beggar’s face and warned her sternly not to assault him with any further beggary before he entered a bus and off he went. Hmm. You may wonder why that man acted in bad faith. I didn’t. You may call him a bad man. That man may even tell you he once gave a beggar a thousand naira in genuine faith but when he got home, instead of his scrotum sac to be filled with two healthy gigantic balls, it was full of “SURPRISES.”

My brothers and sisters, in this wicked life, everything is funny when it is happening to someone else. The man that witnesses an accident where a woman was badly hurt will simply
take a snapshot and upload on social media captioning it with something silly like “DON’T
SCROLL PAST THIS.” This kind of persons should be stoned to death if you ask me. He would want to justify his actions by saying he is sympathetic whereas were it to be his mother, he wouldn’t put it online. Brother, when your own person die why we no see am for Facebook or Instagram? Really, what affects you doesn’t affect anyone else other than those that selflessly love you.
Come to think of it, don’t you think the word “friend” is one that is constantly abused? What happened to the term ‘passing acquaintance?” It is a term rarely used but largely applicable. Have you ever been in that situation where you snap twenty selfies with a friend and when you see the photos online or check his display picture, your friend selected the picture he looked finest in, not caring if your face was a scarecrow on that same picture. If you check the accompanying caption or status message, you will find something like “My friend and I.” Which kind friend? A nice person can take two selfies and put the one you were finer on his display. In fact, any of your friends that can put up a picture where you were so fine and he/she wasn’t as fine as you has a good mind. It is a small act that requires a very good heart before it is done.
Ever been in that situation of contesting in an online competition and you beg your friends to vote for you? Lol vote wetin? They might share the link without voting themselves. When you win is when you most times discover the people that voted the most for you were the ones you never even begged to do so. Ironic right?

More often than not, your friend doesn’t have a single picture of you on his phone which boasts of a sixteen gigabyte storage capacity. That same friend will be the first to get one of your finest pictures should he learn that you have gone the way of your fathers. He will so garnish it with RIP that you would want to come back from the great beyond. But then, in all this can you blame anybody? The answer is NO! The major mistake we have all made is calling people friends when they weren’t even ready to be our friends and in return we get hurt and blame them. Not to mention that the world itself is cruel so why shouldn’t friends be?

Did I say “not to mention?” I would love to. My dear reader(s), this world is wicked, cruel, unfair and uninhabitable. Sometimes you will be tempted to wonder why God did not just kill the devil, touch us from heaven and change our lives. I wonder why God created the world in such a way that we all should strive for one end; Money! So the over seven billion inhabitants of the world all need money and pastors and clergymen expect no sin? Lol! On a daily basis, the sellers in the markets across Nigeria tell lies. It’s simply a way of life for them. The man who sells clothes can hardly believe telling you his “price” as 10,000 instead of 5,000 is a sin. Even if it is one, he is only too happy to go to hell.

On a daily basis, I also ponder on the inequality of life. Are we equal? Racism and poverty are everywhere. The man who needs 20,000 naira borrows 50,000 from a friend so he can have enough. His plans fail, he has no more money and so he borrows from LAPO to defray the debts owed his friend. He is unable to pay LAPO and has to sell his three bedroom flat after years of
accumulated interest rates. He keeps looking for money, he dies and the first son continues to pay the debts. The rich tell you they have million naira problems while the poor seeks only to afford three square meals. Men seek only to dominate others and ride on them. Not to mention churches who interestingly enough, harbour people with the worst kind of minds. Hypocrites are the members and have cheats as pastors yet they want us all to lead a good Christian life.

For instance, some weeks ago, I wore a suit to a church and I was led straight to the front seat
by the usher. She was the same person that almost led me to the children’s department some few months back because I was wearing a simple T-shirt. A deaconess in church will not kneel down to greet her husband in the morning yet she greets the pastor and hurries to bear his bible as he steps out of the car. Lol! She will even call the pastor “daddy” and the wife “mummy.” Who greets the gateman that opens the church gates or the young hausa boy pushing a heavy truck of water so the church can have water? Nobody greets that guy but if it is a church brother in suit, he deserves greeting. Am very sure God is smiling at me right now because he doesn’t recognize those hypocrites in heaven.

The pastor forgets his primary assignment when he becomes rich. If a poor pastor comes to your house to preach and you say to him, “why are you doing this?” He will tell you it is God’s primary assignment to all Christians. Hmm, if that same pastor has a breakthrough, forget it. How many rich pastors do you see going on evangelism any longer? They tell you they have an evangelical team in the church for that purpose and they are full-time pastors whereas evangelism is the first commission Christ mandated these men of God. Some start holding programmes and tell you it is also a means of evangelism. No doubt it is but the problem is that those programmes are profit-oriented more often than not. How can a pastor declare a 50 days All night programme? Wait ooo. Na so Jesus do am? Throughout the programme: offerings, tithes and different seeds here and there to be paid. Haaaaaaaa. Big wahala. You will hear funny names like “Special Night for The Unmarried.” I wonder what is special in that night that cannot come on a regular Sunday. The kind of prophecies they have today was never recorded in the bible. “Touch my sweat, drop 5 thousand naira and you will build your house this year,” says the thief. Till the day one go call me sha. Anyway, Jesus is waiting for them. God does not rejoice in those parties that are not genuinely to bring glory to his name. Let’s leave pastors.

Is there a need to talk about policemen and politicians? I suppose there is. Police don upgrade these days. They don’t take twenty naira any longer. I was told of a posse of policemen that followed a yahoo boy to the bank to collect 30 percent of the money he had swindled from a foreigner. Instead of them to arrest him, they collected their share. Well, I know they are suffering but damn this country no go grow o!!! When it comes to mounting road blocks, these days they don’t need your particulars. With 100 naira you can carry the head of Buhari in your vehicle with no number plate, open the booth and come from Abuja. Lol (if you like go think am).

Talking about the wickedness of the world will not be complete without adding family relatives. Have you ever been broke to the extent of making the mistake of visiting a distant uncle or aunt
who did not invite you? Your parents may have told you at one time or the other about that wealthy relative. Well, good luck with your visit. You will visit a rich man with the honest belief that he will be of help. My brother, if that rich man complains to you ehen, you will want to remain poor. Some families do not even know themselves any longer because the only things that momentarily interlaces them are marriage and burial ceremonies conducted by or on behalf of a member of the family. Sometimes, another thing that invites the members of the family is when one of the members have misbehaved (often the poor one(s) in the family). Family ties have severed mainly because of the hardships of life. When the rich reminds himself of the way and manner he rose to opulence, he is convinced there is every reason to “let the
young ones grow” if you know what I mean.

My dear patient reader, life is a serious business these days. It is a serious competition where only the strongest survive. Life itself is now almost meaningless. A man struggles and
competes until he dies. The poor suffers till death while the rich have a lot to think of and no time for rest. The seller at the market competes daily for customers, the pastor competes for
members, schools compete for students, hustlers compete for daily pay, business persons compete for customers, lawyers compete for clients and amidst, you still find some girls competing for “Tushest Babe” and guys competing for “Player of the year.” Chai!
These people count their blessings by the number of ladies they have hornswoggled. Life is indeed is a case of dog eat dog.

If you are above 20 years old and have never hustled for money on your own, you are already breeding room for failure. Stop deceiving yourself that you have all you want. The ones that hustle aren’t the necessarily the ones that have poverty looking deep into their
eyes, they are the ones that understand what decades to come will look like when they have no one to depend on. Don’t sit idly in your room telling yourself every morning that all you need is
to graduate and then get a job. Recall that thousands have had that dream too but the world today recognises those that have fought gallantly to be bastions of their own. We are in a world
where if you fail to compete, you will be crushed. Sometimes, I don’t blame those who do certain unscrupulous things to make money; they have had a first-hand experience of what the
outside world is like. To an extent, I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. Don’t be deceived, good things never come on a silver platter.

This message is for those who have been on the rat race but all seems to be unyielding. Continue to strive, work hard, compete, fail and bounce back to the game, succeed and move on. The
world belongs to those who under this underlying principle of survival. Think hard, initiate plans and water them with practice. If you are a guy, don’t depend totally on others. Learn to be up
and doing. Always recall that a lot of persons have you to depend on in the nearest future. If you fail in your duties, you have failed them. Read hard, pray hard, hustle hard. Someday it
must yield. I am Mr Possible and I say that whenever there is a will, there is always a way.

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My name is Destiny Osayi Ogedegbe. I'm a promising lawyer in training, a perspiring teacher and a despairing optimist. I have a knack for art, music and writing. I'm a deep writer and I believe in reaching the world through my pen. I believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of things; that True Love exists, that words control ultimately everything, that we are way better than people would have us believe; that people deserve to be enlightened.. I'm the Scribbler!
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    Nice write up


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