Advice Me: Help Does This Make My Boyfriend Gay?

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Good evening, I am very disturbed right now about certain things my boyfriend is doing and I don’t know if it is just in my head or I have reason to be worried. I am a lady of twenty-four years and had my first boyfriend back when I was in secondary school.

My boyfriend is 28 and works in a bank while I am currently waiting to go for my youth service. I can say we are engaged because he has said that we would get married immediately after my service. We started dating when I was in my second year in university. Since we started dating, we have never had sex but we do other things.

What has me worried now is that since he knows I have vowed to get married as a virgin, he recently suggested that we have anal sex. According to him, this helps me keep my virginity and also helps him satisfy his urge. I am worried, isn’t it gay people that like anal sex?

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9 Responses to Advice Me: Help Does This Make My Boyfriend Gay?

  1. Reloaded says:

    He has waited since you met him in your second year at the university. Now you’re about to go for service, he should keep waiting. Asking for anal isn’t enough for you to conclude he is gay. There are other signs too. If he is gay, he won’t get sexually aroused when you do ‘other things’. But hey, he might be bisexual. You won’t know until you look for tell tale signs or you ask him.


  2. Hector says:

    But babe, thunder will just fire u if u keep on tellin him no sex till marriage and he catches u in bed with another guy..Allah.. I will personally kill dat kind of girlfrnd… Nowwadays, sayin i’m keepin my virginity till marriage is laughable


  3. Marlvin says:

    Such Naivety ! her s*x life will be so boring


  4. Caleb says:

    he is not a gay,he for don tear ur ass sinc


  5. Blue says:

    Have you reminded him of your initial agreement. If yes, he is gradually seeking a means of letting go…
    If no, you should do that.
    Never let virginity be a criteria for not having sex in a relationship because there might be an alternative. Morale matters before virginity.
    You should talk to, tell him that you are against any form of sexual intercourse until after marriage.
    If he pictures a marital life with you in it, he has no reason to be upset and disappointed.


  6. Correct Yourself says:

    This goes to show that, the number of people lined up for hell fire is increasing, including you the ladies that allowed those mad guys.

    please dump him or else you would face the medical implications of such act.


  7. Martin says:

    u need to answer some question,

    1. What is sex?

    2. when does one cease to b a virgin?

    3. If a woman had sex bt her hymen is still intact, does she remain a virgin?

    (expecting ur answer)

    If u had allow d dude sex, i think he wouldn’t hav been banging ur ass hole, to get rid of his feelings.

    Engage in real sex wit him nd place an embargo on anal sex. See how he will respond. From dere, u cn deduce fr ur self,…


  8. Mr. Brown J says:

    that certainly DOESNT make you bf gay, it only makes him h0rny and wanting to bypass your virginity and have sex, while leaving your hymen intact…. and since you guys do “everything” else (i guess bl0wj0b etc) then this is just one more way to enjoy yourselves sexually.


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