My First Night With A Unilag Babe Part 3

weekend muse with kunbi black penastory

Excerpt From Part 2:

“Sure! What time tomorrow do you want to come?” I watched as her face light up with mixed reactions. She wasn’t expecting me to agree? I was disappointed that she didn’t trust me enough for her to be considering putting me through this silly test.  But then as I sat at the window corner of the bus back home, I asked myself, come tomorrow, was I going to fail or pass the test?

To read part 2: CLICK HERE

“Kunbi! Kunbi!!!!! Your phone dey ring oooo.” Choiii. I super-hate it, if there is any such word whenever my roomie wakes me up with hard back-slaps the types we like to call abara. It was always as if during those moments, he was seizing the opportunity to repay me for some past evil. His loud voice coupled with the stinging pain of the abara was enough to rouse me from my sweet dreams. I jumped up with annoyance only for Emma to thrust the phone into my hands. To say the sleep was wiped away from my eyes instantly when I saw the name on the caller id display is an understatement. Usually Sunday naps are usually the sweetest, I don’t if it is just me or others actually feel it too. There is just something magical and different about a good Sunday afternoon sleep that distinguishes it from the other days.

It was my dearest P.M calling.  Panic welled up in me, why was she calling? The sleep was out of my eyes as I quickly picked the call. Then it hit me, silly me! Today was the day we had agreed for her to come over to my place. Today was the day I would need to prove to her that I am different from all the other Unilag boys who date for sexual pleasures. Today was going to determine my fate with her for I was ready to wait for her as long as she wanted.

“Hello? Hello? Kunbi are you there?” her soft voice came through the phone with the sweetness that never failed to send jitters down my spine.

“Yes, yes. I can hear you. How are you?” I responded, trying to maintain a neutrality to my voice. I didn’t want to sound like I was too eager because I was certain that could prompt her to change her mind. A change of heart on her part would mean I would never get the chance to prove to her my true love.  Then she dropped the bombshell. She was calling to shift the timing from afternoon till later in the evening. You know how the devil works right? I could swear right then and there he was using this girl perfectly but then I was also ready for them both. She had barely finished making her announcement when my roommate with some hand signals indicated to me that he was leaving. I watched in stupefaction as he picked up his backpack and mouthed the word ‘tomorrow’ to me.

Hmmnnn!!!  This was sure the Devil in action. How then could one explain why had she decided to come in the evening and my roommate was suddenly deciding to go out to see his mom till the next day? But God why me? For a second, I became Jesus begging God to take this cup away from him but it seemed God himself was very much interested in seeing how I would handle this temptation. Was I going to fail him or was his daughter, my dearest P.M going to fail him?

The clock took on the spirit of Usain Bolt on this particular day and wouldn’t stop running at a record setting pace. That is until my dearest one walked in at exactly 7:35pm. Everything seemed to lose its bearing. The clock suddenly seemed too slow while my mind raced back and forth with the sweat breaking out on my forehead. Truthfully, what happened that very evening was something I would never forget. It made me realize that you can never judge a book by its cover and one should never be quick to jump to conclusions. I hate myself for having misread P.M’s true person. She showed me her real self that evening as she made me do what I had never done before. I never even knew I could last that long. It lasted for about two and half hours. Yup! It was a serious prayer session. I never knew I had the potential of praying that long and hard but I thank God for my dearest P.M and just in case you are wondering, P.M stands for “Prayer Mama.” Since then, my spiritual life has never remained the same.


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3 Responses to My First Night With A Unilag Babe Part 3

  1. Ore says:

    Bikonu why did u na put this story under erotic… I like it o… It make sense die.. .. But chai!!


  2. Herbehbih says:



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