Twenty – Episode 11

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Excerpt From Episode 10:

“What? Who’s there ? Chi is everything alright” Mrs. Beebs, one of the neighbors who everybody said had the faintest heart ever known to mankind asked, her face ashen with fright even though she had not seen what made Chioma scream.

“Gift?” Mrs. Ugochukwu asked in a confused tone as she stared at the stranger standing a bit confused.

“I am here ma,” Gift’s voice came from the other end of the room, “that is my twin sister, Grace.”

To read episode 10, CLICK HERE

“You have a twin? I never knew you had a twin not to talk of a sister so identical.” Mrs. Ugochukwu said in surprise.

“I am a twin” Gift said walking towards the door with a smile on her face, “I mentioned I had a sister, I just never mentioned she is a twin.”

“Do come in my dear, any family of Gift’s is welcomed in my house. Chioma, you scared us all with that scream,” Mrs. Ugochukwu said with false bravado and smiled affectionately at her daughter. The other guests laughed and continued with their chatter after ascertaining that there was no cause for alarm. Grace entered into the tastefully furnished living room and hugged her sister.

“You are late,” Gift hissed into Grace’s ear as they embraced.

“I am sorry about that. I thought you would have gone by now. What do we do now?” The two of them were walking towards the drinks table as they talked.

“You have just set everything back by revealing yourself Grace. We were not supposed to be seen together dammit.” Gift barely had control of her anger.

This isn’t part of the plan, Grace wasn’t supposed to have made such a dramatic appearance but trust it to her to always want to appear in grand style without thinking of how her actions affect others, Grace thought silently.

“Relax, I have a new plan. That is why I did what I did.” Gift handed her look alike sister a bottle of Orijin drink and took a sip of her own stronger drink of Vodka.

“You can’t just change plans and expect everyone to know what is going on. What the hell is wrong with you? David is not going to be pleased with this you know.”

Grace barely got along with David and the mention of his name brought a wry smile to her face “Screw David, I couldn’t care less what he thinks. I am doing this for you and not him. He should have died when that bitch stabbed him. I wish he did.”

Grace turned around and scanned the room looking for Chioma with her eyes. Her eyes rested on Chioma who was talking to Maryam in another corner of the room. “How did that small thing overpower him though? She looks so fragile. I guess one can never judge a book by its cover.”

“Stop that now! Stop it this minute Grace. You have ruined the plans and I am trying to think. I am never able to get any thinking done when you go on yarping like that. That man in question is my fiancé.”

“Bite me! Your fiancé tried to screw your boss’ daughter sweets. When would you grow up and…” Grace trailed off as she saw Chioma turn towards them.

“Hush now would you? Someone might over hear you.”

“She is quite pretty.” Grace ignored her sister’s worried tone and stared right back at Chioma as if sizing her up. “I should go apologize to her for scaring the wits out of her, she looked like she had seen a ghost when she saw me standing there.”

“Don’t you dare go near her.” Gift hissed furiously but Grace paid no attention. With her drink in hand she weaved her way through guests and approached Chioma who was staring at her with an unwavering gaze as if it was an enemy that was coming towards her to deal a death stroke.


“She is heading towards us,” Chioma said between clenched teeth to Maryam who had her back to Grace and Gift. She and Maryam had been arguing prior to the announcement and now she whirled around to watch through narrowed eyes as Grace advanced towards them.

“I am sorry for startling you earlier, I didn’t know my sister didn’t mention me before. Our resemblance has many people unsettled. We got into a lot of mischief as children.” Grace flashed a charming smile.

“I can imagine,” Chioma said dryly bristling at the patronizing tone in Grace’s voice.

Maryam shot Chioma a warning look and turned back to Grace. “I always wanted to be a twin and I have met identical twins in times past but I must say your resemblance is quite uncanny.”

“You don’t say,” Chioma muttered sarcastically, “if you would excuse me, I need to retire to my room.” With that, she brushed past Grace without so much as another glance and headed towards her bedroom.

“What’s with her? She seems pretty jumpy.”

“She lost her boyfriend recently, a friend of David’s. He used to work for her mother.”

“The one that was murdered?”

“Murdered?” Maryam’s voice was incredulous.

“Ermm..pardon me. The one that died in an…” Grace’s voice trailed off as she realized her error too late. She had revealed too much. How come they didn’t have the details? Gift wasn’t going to be happy she had giving that detail about the murder.

“What do you know about Matthew’s death?” Maryam queried.

“Nothing. I should go join my sister. I just wanted to apologize to your friend for startling her when I came in the other time,” with that Grace hurried off leaving Maryam staring at her retreating back with deep suspicion in her eyes.

How come nobody had mentioned murder before? That wasn’t what she had been told. Maryam knew for a certainty now that something fishy was definitely going on and whatever it was, she had to get to the bottom of it fast before anyone else got hurt.

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Twenty is co-written with Michael Isaac

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