Dare To Dream

dare to dream penastory

Here I was sitting in my balcony thinking about all the dreams I abandoned because I felt like I was unprofessional or didn’t have the capital to make it. W have all been there. We have all had dreams. Some fall in my category while others keep dreaming and dreaming that they themselves don’t know which to accomplish. Now the aim of this article is to make our dreams become reality. How do you think your dream can become reality? Is it a question you have ever thought of?

Most of our dreams are lacking accomplishment because of belief. Most people don’t believe in themselves, they say like “how am I even sure this would work out?” How can you dream and not expect it to be carried out when you underestimate yourself? You say this dream needs a lot of money and well I got no one to sponsor me. To be honest, it’s your lack of faith that makes you not to have sponsors.

You may not realize but then the people you choose as your friends matter a lot, you should have those who see your dream. Those who wouldn’t underestimate you. How I started getting my write ups to be viewed by the public is through friends in who saw the zeal and passion in me. Get those kind of friends and making your dream becomes easier.  Have role models, look forward to them, and try to imitate them, learn from their mistakes.

Where do you see yourself being in the next 10 to 50 years? Still thinking of how to accomplish your dreams or actually accomplishing them? Truth be told, it’s never easy. People who made it today started from little, they didn’t postpone their ideas or waited for people. Someone with plans doesn’t have 100k and want to rent a shop of 500k, someone with great ideas would rather buy equipment and use his house as a base. That’s someone who can make his dream a reality. Someone who wanted to be an artiste, he didn’t dwell on the money he would be getting in return but rather the name he would be getting for himself – a house hold name, he did free shows, equipped himself, learnt from others and eventually made it big. Things don’t happen the way we dream it but when it does happen it starts to be a dream because we actually made it.

Although life is too short to be bent on something that doesn’t aid joy but in all truthfulness if you are not born in a rich home or you don’t connections, you have to go through your struggles to get to where you want to be. Then the next step should be planning ahead. If you schooling and you feel you can juggle school and business, you can either save up money from your allowance or better still get a job where you can save up money. Money saved up in a way helps you to be closer to your dreams. What if you a graduate, why don’t you get yourself a job that pays well and save up till you get a reasonable amount of money to start something? The economy is hard but forgoing things in other to make your dream (even though hard) should be the best thing.

Still at my balcony I realized my state of brokeness, I was hungry and thirsty. Hungry and thirsty for accomplishment, hungry and thirsty for my name to be known and heard. I realized I just couldn’t keep staying at my balcony but rather I need to make a move. Here I am making a move, I’m writing to accomplish my dream. Whatever your dream is, whether being a fashion icon, or own your own firm, a comedian, an artiste. All that matters is to get a vibe and push towards it. You believe, get good friends, plan ahead and definitely work towards it. What have you chosen to do?

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