Now That You Are Here – Episode Six (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt From Episode 5: 

Some guys are just too blind to recognize the good placed in front of them, he muttered in disgust. Another thirty minutes and he was driving into his own compound and he was still unlocking his door when he dialed his girlfriend, Halimat’s mobile number. He wasn’t going to be one of those guys that didn’t appreciate what they had.

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The friendship between Damilola and Muyiwa grew so rapidly that it was hard to imagine that just a month earlier, they had not even known of each other’s existence. They made phone calls every day and she spent most of her day chatting and texting with him. At first, their conversations centered on the pregnancy and he would talk about pregnancy related issues while she asked questions. At first they pretended it was because of the pregnancy; he was a doctor and she was always in need of one answer or the other to her anxieties but soon there was no point pretending that all she wanted to talk about was pregnancy anxieties as they soon began flirting casually through chats. They however knew better than broach the subject in person, during physical moments, they skirted around the issue of an attraction like the plague. It was like they were both waiting for who was going to make the first move.

A month and about two weeks after they met, it became clear to Anu that Damilola was attracted to Muyiwa.

“You know you like this guy don’t you?” Anu asked one afternoon during a visit. It was then Damilola realized she had grown a bit apart from Anu who usually was the one she could tell everything but since Muyiwa came into her life, she found herself doing all that which she had previously done with her best friend with him instead. Damilola was however not ready to admit her feelings to anyone just yet since she herself had not come to grips with it and in her usual  manner of having a logical explanation for everything, she began to defend herself.

 “Not that I like him in the sense you are trying to insinuate but I sort of like him as a really good friend. You know he is my doctor and he was the one that convinced me to keep the baby.”

 “Yet you gush about him like he is some god and we can barely have a five minutes cobversation without his name cropping up about one thing or the other you either both did or talked about,”Anu replied with raised eyebrows.

“Anu, you have enough to deal with as a newly married woman without worrying about me.”

“Well anything you say dear but don’t forget I am your best friend we have known each other for a long time now. I believe you are hesitant because he has a girlfriend. How do you feel about that by the way?”

Damilola sighed and shook her head. “You are not listening to me Anu, I don’t like Muyiwa in that way. He has a girlfriend whom he loves dearly, I am nothing more than a female friend. Okay? You really need to chill out babes, which man will like a woman pregnant for another man by the way?”

“What that sounds like to me is you thinking of the reasons why it is wrong for you to like him,” Anu fired back with a knowing smile.

 “And am I not the same person coming out of a relationship where I got cheated on? Why would I want another man to cheat on his girlfriend with me? No I can’t do!” Damilola retorted heatedly.

 “Alright! Alright!! Alright!!! I hear you but I will still be here waiting to see how things unfold.”


Muyiwa couldn’t understand what was going on with him; he couldn’t get Damilola out of his head. The more he tried to stop thinking about her, the more he found his mind wandering back to her. He shrugged out of his medical overall and dropped into a chair listlessly. Even now, after a long day at work of attending to many patients and just coming out of the theatre, he could hear her voice in his head, he could picture the way her face lighted up whenever she was laughing or the way she looked at him as if she wasn’t sure if she should be staring. He could hear her peals of laughter when she said something naughty and he countered back, and he could swear that he could smell the scent of her perfume which reminded him of jasmine.

He ran his hand through his hair frustrated, he shouldn’t be thinking about her this way but he couldn’t help it. He loved Halimat and he didn’t want to hurt her but this attraction to Damilola was something he found strange. Since he started dating Halimat, he had not even had eyes for any other woman only to have Damilola walk in and change of all that. He was sure Damilola felt the same way he was feeling too but they had both found a way of skirting around the issue to avoid any awkwardness between them. Just then his phone rang and a big smile spread across his face, it was Damilola calling.

He groaned inwardly as her voice came through sounding sexier than he had ever thought someone’s voice could be. He tried to concentrate on what she was saying about her day but instead found himself growing hard in his trousers as he thought of kissing her lips and listening to her whimpers. It had been a while since he had sex and the past week had seen him hornier than ever before. Halimat was currently on a visit to her village where she would be spending two months which meant he had to be on his own without physical contact. Damilola’s closeness made him long for intimacy. He prided himself on not being the sex type but he was after all still a man and his manhood needed attention. A woman like Damilola who was carefree about her sexual confidence flirted with him casually and this was certainly not helping his libido.

Without realizing what he was doing, he blurted, “what are you doing tonight Dammy? I would like for you to come over to my apartment.”

She stopped midsentence of what she was saying and it seemed she understood the import of what he was asking without his even saying it. He had never asked her to come to his house before; he had always been the one paying her visits.

“I would like to. Pick me up by 7pm?”

The timing worked perfectly for him as he got off work by 5pm and that left him with about an hour and half to dash home, get refreshed before heading over to her place to pick her.


Dinner was over and he could sense Damilola was restless. She was fidgeting in her seat as if she was uncomfortable on the couch.

“What is the matter, you don’t appear comfortable, you have been restless all evening,” he said, taking her hand in his without actually looking at her. She snatched her hand from his as if it burned and laughed to contain her nervousness. The sexual tension between them seemed particularly tenser than usual this evening.

He turned and looked at her questioningly. “I can’t hold your hand?”

She sighed as if in despair and blurted, “Don’t act like you don’t know what’s going on here Muyi. We both know there is a chemistry we are trying to ignore. It is not healthy for both of us and my best friend already thinks we are going to end up in bed. You have a girlfriend and this is totally wrong but I can’t help feeling the way I do. I think I should go home, would you drive me home please or get me a taxi?”

She spoke hurriedly and her voice was almost pleading as if she didn’t trust herself not to say something different. Muyiwa moved closer to her and pulled her closer before lowering his head to kiss her. She pushed at his chest feebly with her hands but her lips opened up underneath his and granted him access. The softness of her lips was like the welcomed relief of collapsing into a soft bed after a long day of hard work. Encircling his arms around her, he kissed her hungrily. She moaned against him and took her hand to cradle his head even as his hand found her breast and he squeezed gently. She gave a soft whimper in her throat and began unbuttoning his shirt. In one quick movement, he had her blouse and skirt removed and she was straddling him on the couch in nothing but her red lace bra. She looked like a fiery goddess with her eyes slightly glazed with passion and her head thrown to one side causing her hair to fall in a mess around her face. His hand found the hook of her bra and he unclasped it, sighing in pleasure as her breasts swung free. He had no time to think because her mouth regained possession of his and he was lost in a tide of passion.

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