Hot, Wild And Sexy (18+)

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It was my 25th birthday and I was at the new club with my best friends. Up until that moment, I had never been kissed nor even made out with a man. Needless to say, I was a virgin. The reactions I got when people found out was usually mixed. Some were proud of me for being so disciplined and others thought I was a prude. Frankly I was none. I was just waiting for a guy to ignite the fiery passion in me. All the guys I had met were bland and there were no sparks.

My friends and I decided to join the infinite amount of bodies on the dance floor after having a few shots of tequila. We were drunk and we danced like drunk people. My eyes met a pair of warm, brown eyes and I smiled at the owner. He had a wild look about him, a rugged face and the shadow of a moustache. He looked like a predator and I didn’t need to be told I was his prey. Like a jaguar, he stalked over to where I was and asked if I wanted to dance. Breathlessly, I said yes and soon our bodies were fused together in unison as we danced like wild animals to the music. You couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other began. My heart was pounding in my chest and I knew it wasn’t from the excitement of the music or dancing. This was purely a lust that made you go wild, the kind that came from being in close proximity with a prime male. A prime male rubbing against your body and touching your body in the way you have never been touched before. It was like he planned on making love to me on the dance floor.

Soon enough, I felt his erection and turning my backside to it, I grinded on it, feeling him grow even harder through the thin fabric of his trouser. His hand guided my stripper movements and for the first time in my life, I felt sexy. I didn’t mind that I was allowing this stranger from the club touch me in the way no good girl should let a man touch her but I was feeling too lost in the rhythm and pool of desire that instead of reprimanding him, I found myself asking, “do you wanna go somewhere private.”

He took me by the hand and led me away from the dance floor. I followed in anticipation, my body tingling in anticipation of what I was about to do. As we weaved through the crowd who were dancing as if they were high on cheap drugs, I found myself laughing hysterically. I felt hot all over my body and knew I was about to cross the line that was going to lead me into my womanhood. It was a feeling I was ready for. I have been waiting for this for the last twenty-five years of my life.

Soon enough, we found ourselves in a locked toilet stall and our mouths found each other. His kiss was and impatient as if he was starving and when his hand found the mound of my breasts, my legs turned to jelly. I clung tightly to his chest and a button popped but he didn’t seem to mind as his tongue explored the secret corners of my mouth and tried to go as far down as it could. Our tongues fought as they clashed and circled each other, fighting for dominance and superiority. My hand found the buckle of his trouser and I unhooked it with shaky hands, developing another tactic to win this battle but he was too quick for me.

He pulled me up roughly by the waist and rested my back against the wall, commanding in a guttural tone that I wrap my legs around him. My knee length gown by this time was already taking a hike somewhere between my midriff with the straps hanging loosely to expose my breasts. I had not bothered with a bra. His hot mouth descended on my breast and I moaned loudly as his tongue lapped on my nipple like a cat takes to its milk before he began to suck on them. This was the pleasure I had not experienced before? What century was I from I managed to think in the haze of passion.

I threw my head back in pleasure and closed my eyes as he sucked one boob and fondled the other roughly. When his hand went to my pants, my eyes flew open as I realized this was the moment, “wait, I’m a virgin.”

For a second, his face clouded over with disbelief then a grin spread across his face, “well then, we are about to give you your first orgasm.” He dropped me on the toilet seat and went to work of getting me ready, his mouth finding my aching bud. He lapped at my juices and I felt like my body was on fire as I moaned and cried out with the noise filtering in from the dance floor helping to drown out my moans. When I was all wet and set, he unceremoniously stepped out of his trouser and his monster was let loose. My eyes widened at the sheer size of it, being a virgin didn’t mean I wasn’t aware that was a sizable tool and he smiled when he saw my expression. He took my hand and wrapped it around his erect rod and I felt the texture of a man’s cock in my hand for the first time.

“Will it fit?” I asked in a whisper and for an answer, he spread my legs apart and jammed into me. I screamed out in pain as a piercing pain coursed through my body and it was his turn to pause.

“No kidding, you are really a virgin?” his voice was tender and he seemed genuinely sorry that he had caused me such pain but I smiled as I could already feel the pain subsiding and felt a new sensation at this foreign member inside of me.

“Yes, I am.” My neck was hurting from resting it on the wall so I tried pushing myself up but I only seemed to drive him in further and I felt filled. He saw the look of pleasure cross my face.

“You are ready for this, aren’t you?”

“You betcha!”

His first movement sent another sensation of pleasure down my body and I tried to move into him as much as I could for maximum penetration.

“I don’t want it slow,” I said between grated teeth as I could sense he was thinking I wanted a gentle fuck. Perhaps it was the alcohol or the frenzy of the moment but the next slam whizzed the breath out of me and I laughed out loud, enjoying the hardness of his penis. He could tell I liked it and he began to pound me against the toilet seat, his restraint broken. Each thrust drove me further into a crazed lust for more and my moans and groans only seemed to encourage his own mad desire. It didn’t take a long while for me to start screaming “I’m cuming. Oh sweet Lord Jesus I’m cuming”. My cum was like a dam being opened and I thrashed and buckled against him even as his own pace even seemed to increase and he was like a mad man driving into me. I felt him stiffen as he reached his own climax and with a shudder, he crossed the peak. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes and when my eyes opened, he was staring at me with wonder in his eyes, “My name is Brain Johnson. I’m the owner of this club and a host of others. Can I get to know you on a personal level?”

“Only if you promise to ride me like a gentleman next time,” I teased.

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