Now That You Are Here – Episode Seven (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

now that you are here penastory

Excerpt From Episode 6:

She looked like a fiery goddess with her eyes slightly glazed with passion and her head thrown to one side causing her hair to fall in a mess around her face. His hand found the hook of her bra and he unclasped it, sighing in pleasure as her breasts swung free. He had no time to think because her mouth regained possession of his and he was lost in a tide of passion.

To read episode 6: CLICK HERE

“You did what!” Anu screamed. She sprung up in surprise from the couch she had been lounging on. Damilola had just recounted her sexual experience with Muyiwa. Anu shook her head as if trying to dispel a fog and stared at Damilola incredulously.

“This isn’t you at all babes. You came out of a relationship because your man was cheating and now you are sleeping with a dude that has a girl? A committed relationship for that matter! What the fuck were you thinking?”

Damilola stared at Anu with a half-smile playing on her face, watching Anu rant was always a pleasure. It wasn’t like Anu was any saint but of course she liked to act the Miss Perfect and Damilola was in no mood to argue.

“Just look at yourself Dammy,” Anu continued, “you have misplaced priorities. Your focus should be on delivering the baby and moving on to other things and not shagging with the doctor.  Can’t you see he is simply preying on your emotions? This is a game men play on vulnerable women who are too emotional like yourself.”

Damilola’s laughter rang loud at Anu’s last statement. “I am perfectly fine Anu, I can take care of myself. You should know I am no pushover and if this is a game, I think I need some excitement in my life. I have got nothing to lose after all, he is the one with a girl not me.” Damilola stood up and picked up her handbag, “I would be leaving now, I have an appointment with Muyiwa.”

Giving her friend a quick hug, she hurried out of the house leaving Anu staring at her in exasperation.


“Halima said she will like to meet you one of these days Dammy, what do you think?”

Damilola paused with the glass of water halfway to her mouth and stared at Muyiwa. They were having lunch at a favourite restaurant of hers that she usually came to when she was still with Gbade.

“You want me to meet your girlfriend? Do you think that is such a good idea Muyi?”

Muyiwa’s stare was even as he met her surprised eyes which were as round and large as a saucer, he could tell the news had clearly come as a shocker. Shrugging carelessly, he cocked his eyebrow.

“Why is it not a good idea? You are a very good friend of mine and Halima has heard me talk about you a lot of times so she is dying to meet you. She is not one of those suspicious females who go around suspecting that their man is cheating just because he is talking to another lady. It’s about time you meet her in person.”

Anu’s early warning of games flashed through Damilola’s mind and her eyes narrowed into suspicious slits. Perhaps Anu was right and it was all a game to him. He sleeps with me and has the audacity to call me a friend, well if he thinks he is good at playing then I would show him I am good at winning, she fumed to herself silently.

Smiling sweetly, Damilola gave him a cool stare and replied, “it should be fun meeting your precious Halima, Doctor.” Standing up from her chair, she moved closer to him and whispered “but in the meantime, this patient needs some doctoring, would you attend to me please?”


Damilola writhed in pain as the blood seeped out of her pants and continued to stain her dress. Clutching her stomach, she groaned on the bed and struggled to grab her mobile phone. Something was wrong and she couldn’t tell what it was. She had suddenly felt a sharp pain in her belly when she was having her bath some minutes ago and had managed to make it to the bedroom just before the pain became too intense to bear. Now all she could see was the blood oozing out of her and as she rolled in pain, the tears flowed from her eyes freely. She screamed as another pang of pain tore through her. It was like her belly was on fire and her vision was beginning to blur.

Am I dying? Is this what death feels like? She sobbed in relief when she finally managed to dial Muyiwa’s number. He picked up on the second ring.

“Muyiwa, help me. I am dying,” she managed to croak out.

“What is wrong, where are you?” his voice was frantic as she screamed again when another pang of pain hit her.

“I am hooo…hoo.hhome. Blood everywhere, I don’t want to die.” The last thing she heard before losing consciousness was his, “I am on my way love.”

When she came to, she was in a hospital bed and without seeing it, she knew there were tubes attached to her. She rolled her head to her right and met Anu’s concerned gaze. Her friend’s eyes were bloodshot, she had apparently been crying.

Damilola managed a feeble smile when she saw the relief on Anu’s face.

 “What happened Anu?”

Anu took her hand and squeezed gently, “Hush baby, hush. Just rest please. You gave us quite a scare. It’s nothing serious.”

The alarm went off in Damilola’s head as it hit her that she was in a hospital and she started up so suddenly that Anu reeled backwards with a startled expression. Damilola’s hand flew to her stomach and her voice was shaky, “My baby, tell me my baby is alright!”

Her violent reaction drained her of the little energy she had and she dropped back on the bed weakly just as Muyiwa walked in. He had a patient’s file in his hand and he looked like he had been working all day. She could sense the sadness surrounding him and in a weak voice, she whispered, “The baby is gone isn’t it?”

Muyiwa stared at her before nodding his head in affirmation. She closed her eyes and sobbed quietly.

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