Twenty – Episode 13

twenty penastory

Excerpt From Episode 12:

“What was that about?” Grace asked as they came out of the front door?

‘Let’s wait till morning, I am tired tonight.” Gift snapped back. Grace said nothing, it was obvious Gift was still angry over the teasing and she wondered what big announcement it was her twin was about to make…

To read episode 12: CLICK HERE

Maryam and Chioma found themselves staying up till past midnight cleaning the mess from the party but it was a good distraction for both of them as it helped to keep their mind busy and away from the meeting with Gift. Although Mrs. Ugochukwu implored them to leave the cleaning till morning, both girls refused to go to bed till the house was clean again and when they finished at last, they were both too tired to talk about anything. They went to Chioma’s room where they both fell into an exhausted sleep.

Before falling asleep, Chioma switched off the main bulb and switch on her reading lamp so that the soft light left the room dimly lit. She hated sleeping in the dark. Chioma slept with her mouth gaping slightly open, swimming in the unconsciousness of her dreams. For how long she had been asleep before she saw him, she did not know but soon she heard the door open softly and Matthew walked into the room.

She stared at him through groggy eyes and rubbed her eyes together, trying to control the excitement she was feeling when he said her name gently and stretched out his hand. She took his extended palm and he pulled her from the bed. When he bent his head to kiss her, she kissed him back passionately before it hit her that Maryam had been awfully quiet. She turned from him and stared at the empty bed, “where’s Maryam?” Chioma asked.

“There’s no one Chi, it’s just us. It’s just you and I.” Matthew replied, fixing her with a look of tenderness that seemed to both console and pierce through her at the same time. Chioma quickly looked away and her eyes caught sight of a picture of the both of them fixed to a side of her wardrobe, it hadn’t always been there she thought. Matthew was pulling her down to sit on his laps now on the bed but she kept on looking intensely at the photograph. Then it hit her, it was the last photo they had taken together, a week before he died. She disentangled herself from his hold and went to where the picture was placed, she was no longer the one standing beside Matthew. In the picture stood Grace or Gift, she couldn’t tell which with Matthew’s hand encircling her waist and she turned to him impatiently, “wait,” her gaze returned to the photo and she could swear it was Grace with a smile on her face.

“Chi, it’s either of them,” she turned back to Matthew and he repeated his statement.

“But how…” the rest of question was caught off as his mouth closed over hers and Matthew dragged her to the bed with him.

She landed on him and he flipped her over, towering over her, he laughed and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. She leaned forward and kissed him and her hand was just going to his fly when a loud noise woke her up. Chioma jumped up with a start and saw Maryam staring at her with a frightened expression on her face. The noise had woken her up too. Another crashing sound came from the direction of the living room and they heard the sounds of tumblers and dishes breaking. The two ran out of the room and hurried towards the kitchen where the sound had been coming from. Before them was a sea of broken glass and china. All the dishes they had washed lay broken in pieces on the floor.


By 7:00am, Mrs. Ugochukwu was still in bed with David. The newly engaged couple after retiring to their room the previous evening had had a steamy sex session that had left them both exhausted and had both been dead to the commotion. It wasn’t till nearly 9:00am that David finally came out of the bedroom.

He greeted Chioma and Maryam who were sitting in the living room, “good morning ladies,” he said with a sardonic smile. Chioma made no response while Maryam waved at him as he went out of the door.

‘How pathetic,’ Chioma said. Chioma was unsure whether to tell Maryam of the bizzare dream she had had about Matthew the night before and the issue of the puzzling photograph. After they had rushed to the kitchen, they had met the kitchen window open. Maryam had been quick to dismiss it as the work of the wind as she wasn’t ready to think of any sinister possibility that could have cause a tray of dishes to come crashing to the ground. Chioma had not bothered arguing even though they both knew it had not rained and there was no sign of a heavy wind.


“Hmmm, my sister it was epic,” Mrs.Ugochukwu was saying on phone as she gossiped with Mrs. Beebs about last night’s sex with David. “He was like an animal.”

Chioma who had come to her mother’s door heard the last part and cleared her throat to announce her presence.

“Let’s talk later,” Mrs. Ugochukwu said hurriedly into the phone and ended the call. Mrs. Ugochukwu knew that Chioma showed a disgust to most of her decisions when it came to David and she had come to accept that but she wasn’t going to give her daughter a reason to disrespect her. “Chi, Gift called. What’s wrong with your phone?” Not waiting for an answer she continued, “she said she was sorry about last night and you should forget about everything that they don’t matter. What is that about? Is everything okay?”

“Everything is just fine! We are okay,” Chioma snapped and turned on her heels, slamming the door behind her.

Mrs. Ugochukwu frowned and stood up from the bed, following her daughter to her room. “Okay, tell me, what’s going on with you girls?” Mrs. Ugochukwu said addressing Chioma and Maryam.

“I said nothing, Maryam let’s go,” Chioma snatched her bag from the dresser and beckoned to Maryam to follow her.

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Twenty is co-written with Akinwale Poshkid Akinyoade

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  1. Iamcoy says:

    I think you should stick to Revelations per episode and suspense(cliffhangers) at the end. If you ask me i would say today’s episode was drab and unnecessary as there was no revelation in it and no suspense at the end which doesn’t leave me excited about episode 14

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  2. Swko2 says:

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