Where Is Nicole? – ALABI AYOMIDE

where is nicole penastory

“What else do you want from me?” I asked

She replied, “a little time in the dark to talk to you, to tell you how everything we had went south.”
“We’d do it tomorrow, I am too tired to talk I need to sleep,” I promised and kissed her goodnight at the front of her estate before turning back.

Only to wake up to the wailings of her mother from the other side of the gate. My heart and my mind were racing on a collision course trying to figure out what could have gone wrong. Wait a minute! “Where’s Nicole?” I asked. I got no response. “Where the hell is Nicole I asked again?” The only response I got was a little whisper, “she’s gone.” I lost my mind faster than the speed of light; tears rolled down my cheek profusely. I couldn’t remember the last time I cried so much.

Apparently Nicole was said to have been shot outside her gate while sneaking in to the estate  by one of the vigilantes that paroled the estate on hourly basis who was of the mindset that she was a burglar due to the incessant robberies that had occurred in the estate over the past months.
“Please where is my daughter’s body? When can I see her?” Mrs Afolabi asked in a faint voice. As she spoke, tears gathered in her eyes.

“She’s at St. Gregson’s mortuary.”

Mrs Afolabi was accompanied by her neighbour who broke the news of her daughter’s death, Mallam Abubakar and I to the mortuary.  The receptionist asked us what we needed. I replied describing a young girl, dark skinned, 18 years, black hair, 5 feet 7 inches who had been brought in between the hours of 10 and 11 pm sometime the previous night.

“Oh yes I was on duty, I think I know who you are talking about, she was brought with two other young men suspected burglars I guess!” she answered, directing us to the coroner’s office. The coroner attended to us with cold shoulders because he claimed that the person we were there to see was a suspected burglar.

“My daughter is not a thief!” Mrs Afolabi responded in a fierce voice.

“Oh well this is the girl that was brought here last night, the only difference is that she’s a bit taller than you described,” the coroner said and removed the sheet covering the body.

“This is not Nicole,” Mallam Abubakar and I shouted. The coroner looked at us, we looked back. If this is not where she was, where is Nicole?

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4 Responses to Where Is Nicole? – ALABI AYOMIDE

  1. mariam says:

    I wonder where nicole might be


  2. oluwatobi says:

    Amazing…amazing please continue…where’s nichole


  3. olayinka anne says:

    wow wow wow..but this cant be the end..beautiful story


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