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These Six Signs Will Let You Know If You Have Ever Been Truly In Love

Most time, many people tend to mistake the feelings of lust or infatuation for love. The minute you like somebody, you believe yourself to be in love just because you talk everyday and seem to connect and then you complain … Continue reading

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Twenty – Episode 15

Excerpt From Episode 14: Something didn’t seem right with Gift’s story. Chioma couldn’t have left. Where was she? Had Gift done something to her? Calm down, you are being paranoid. Maryam chided herself. The place was filled with people, there … Continue reading

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After a few academic achievements, you feel you are a big girl which I believe you truly are if you do not let it get into your head. You begin to notice what the majority of the people who make up the society accept … Continue reading

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Letter To The President Of Nigeria

Dear Mr. President, I am one of the unfortunate few that don’t know much about hunger, it’s truly unfortunate. I am not a member of any political party, the two major ones just look the same to me, they are made … Continue reading

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Are You A Travel Writer? If Yes, You Can Win a Writing Road Trip to Australia!

Do you fancy Taking a trip from beach to bush on the ultimate Australian road trip and write about your adventures along the way? Once again, World Nomads have teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring you our 2016 Travel … Continue reading

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Street Dreams (The Hustler’s Story) – ELIAS SAHEED

The noise came in banging on my head. I had slept on the thought of being jobless, the noise was getting closer. Immediately, I popped up from my rusty looking mattress. Then I noticed the song came from a neighbour who parades himself as … Continue reading

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Now That You Are Here – Episode Nine (A Tale Of Deception, Betrayal And Murder)

Excerpt From Episode 8:  “I am coming to Nigeria to see you Dammy. I miss you and I know I have been a jerk but I want to make things right with you. When I think of love, you are … Continue reading

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Self Discipline

The one human quality that is necessary for success and prominence in life is SELF DISCIPLINE; the will power to force yourself to do what you should do; whether you like it or not, whether you feel like it or … Continue reading

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My Little Friend From Heaven

Sometimes life can be pretty boring and at such times, we as humans begin to feel empty. Depending on our race, religion or socio-cultural background or experiences in life, we all go about filling this void in different ways. However, … Continue reading

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Poetry Play #38

Samuel Oluwatobi Olatunji and Llushes   L:                 Precious you, I’ve been hot                 Waiting all night long                 The darkness has been my companion                 Slip in beside me                 Let the night witness this conversation S:                 I … Continue reading

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