The Rants Of Bros Timi (Naija Problem)

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So where is the problem?

The street hawker, has finally turned to a middle income earner, he searches for a high-income lady to become his bride. What about those girls that were on the street with him? The talk of the town is on the clergy & their supposed flaws. Everyone is avoiding issues of domestic abuse, feminism, the death of the alpha-male & societal values. Oh my, I told you I loved you, but I lied Should you care, or are you hurt? Where’s my faithfulness?  The society didn’t ask, so I forgot to carry it along when I came to you. You came for love, I offered you lust. Anyway, Uche the businessman chemist sells contraceptives. If it fails, any clinic in town would offer you the business of abortion. It is cheap, it’s your choice, live with the guilt alone. I just came to conquer and leave.

I heard we now abuse our leaders, I heard we even curse the land, that it will never be free from corruption. I also confirmed that our words carry power, they never return void. Oh woman don’t cry when you son fails in the night, you spoke negativity into him earlier in the day. Hey brother, stop all those motivational speeches. You know we became entrepreneurs because we were jobless not because we wanted to give value. We are definitely making the money, I hope we can give the value.

Oh boy you don’t have respect ooo, you don’t even have common home training. Who’s your mother? Did your father pay her bride price? How can you use your left hand to give a beggar like me money?
ehh? Is it because I’m a beggar? I am very sorry sir, I would make sure it won’t repeat itself again next time, if there’s ever going to be a next time. Pause/ I think the talk is becoming too much, they have started jumping into conclusions. Is anything wrong they asked? No, everything is okay, I answered
Okay is now the new wrong. Haven’t you heard? Homosexuality is now okay.

Wake up! Wake up! Stop sleep-talking. Get up, go and look for job as your mates are out there. Driving new cars and bringing money back home. Mama, it is okay, stop comparing me with other people. Don’t okay me, do you ever say it is okay when I’m serving you food? Mr. Man, I have checked your particulars, they are all complete but one more thing, your tires have expired. Oga police, help me manage this ‘happy weekend package, share it with the boys.’ On to the next one.

We are the Nightwalkers, we don’t stop until you get satisfied. We look expensive but we are cheap. Just drive by, and horn twice, we understand the code. It’s either betrayal of trust or acquiring of some STD, the ball is in your court. In the end we will all blame the government and if that doesn’t work out then we will shift the blame to the devil.

So, where lies the problem?

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3 Responses to The Rants Of Bros Timi (Naija Problem)

  1. Zulichios says:

    Wow a beautifuly written masterpiece


  2. YouKnowWho says:

    Nice piece, I finally read your


  3. D.S Oboma says:

    Every were.


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