Guard Your Heart

I want to raise a generation of young people, devoid of a conscience, imperials, relentless and cruel” – Adolf Hitler

There are presently over 7 billion humans on earth, over 7 billion minds capable of extra ordinary wits, over 7 billion sapiens with mind blowing capabilities enough to make even the creator quiver, people that can achieve just anything they put their mind to; whether good or bad. When these incredible minds gets channeled towards the abnormal and devious; hate forms, cruelty becomes natural, love is alienated, talents become terrors, life unsafe, men fear men, power draws blood.

You have an amazing mind. Yes, your is the most priced possession which lies within you. It controls your decisions, actions and pursuits, and its use eventually determines the fate of humanity, you have the sole responsibility of feeding it rightly, of controlling its gateways. We have had enough minds channeled towards darkness, selfishness and thirst for power “at all costs,” now we need LOVE, we need tranquility and we need compassion. You can’t be unconcerned.

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