Burn Ada Burn!!!

Image Credit: pininterest.com

Image Credit: pininterest.com

Burn Ada Burn!!!
When we were young, our hearts was made of gold
I showed you my half and you let me see all of you
I adored you and you worshiped me
We both had our youthful age to ourselves
But then you grew and I grew too
You grew into a perfect blooming flower. Perfection
You forgot the heart you once cherished. You hated.
No, you detested but yet I held on
You made the blue dark scary
You made the roses ruthless
Every symbol of love you shattered
Every ounce of passion you destroyed
Burn, Ada Burn! You found my other half
And with it you fled
Burn, Ada Burn

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About Michael Isaac

I'm a very open minded person who loves to meet as many open minded people as possible, I love to be very imaginative about my environment and almost about anything, like looking for another side of a two-sided coin... Writing to me is more than a hobby it's more like a part of myself which Is still evolving.
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One Response to Burn Ada Burn!!!

  1. Michael Isaac says:

    Reblogged this on pencillounge and commented:
    This still remains a beautiful piece


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